Is my DPS any good? Paragon players

Demon Hunter
My demon hunter is 60-9.

My Damage on my character screen displays 90,000. When I have sharpshooter at 100% crit, it goes up to 240,000.

Is this good? I don't have much diablo friends to compare my stats to. 90k dps at 60-9
Your dps is crap. And I can't see your profile
I guess you are using a double socket manticore with 2 green ones and very low cc.

Learn to sharpshoot or don't use it

use SA or some CtW for more dps.
That's pretty low my today's standards. Link your DH's profile so we can give you some advice.
plus if you give us your profile, we can add you and give you free items to bump up that dps of yours. and nyan can give you a hug too! his hugs are worth more than gold around here. just a friendly fyi.

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