Help me gain more Mit ?

Hey all , I just came back to D3 after selling all my gear shortly after 1.08 came out .
Before I sold everything I had a Litany/Ice Climber combo and hit 235k DPS with 780 AR and 4400 armor . This time around I geared alittle differently , mainly went with nat's set instead of IC/Litany .
My DPS is good and I have 62%cc , but only have 714 AR and 3600 armor . Where should I grab more AR/Armor without giving up much if any DPS ? Budget is about 1B but that can change if really needed .
AR/Armor Tal's chest or Witching Hour or Lacunis.
yeah. AR/armor tal rasha or int/ar lacunis.

welcome back.
those gloves are straight glass...
Tasker and theo and drop the vit on the witching hour for armor

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