Why do YOU think WW sucks?

Just asking, want to get some opinions.
just from what I have read people just seem to want the best at all times, and currently the main opinion is that the Rend build is just faster, I still use traditional WW and do mp5 just fine(i may not be very fast though but it feels like good timing to me)
What do you mean "people"?

You mean other classes? There is a reason for that.

Do you mean other barbs? There is a separate reason for that.

Bottom line it's opinion ultimately anyway.

Other classes is because often times WW barbs use trash mobs as fuel leaving them behind and in a public or group play that might be observed as rude.

Other barbs might feel that HotA builds or what ever are better ultimately...once again, it is simply opinion.
Let me rephrase the question.
In group play WW kills all the trash mobs causing a heavy decrease in Brawler/Berserker Rage uptime.
WW/rend is more effective for legendary and XP farming. It uses WW only for mobility, but rend is the main damage dealer.

Leap/Hota is more effective for DE farming.

Rend/Hota is more effective for ubers.
Greetings fellow Nephalem,

WW Rubberbanding...

The best.

I have to agree with Cartographer. The ridiculous amount of rubber banding is the main reason I swapped to rend/HotA. WW is great but rubber banding back 40 yards to a dead body is more irritating then my ex wife's ankle biting rat on crack (aka Chihuahua).
That is the problem, WW doesn't suck. If it sucked it would pull all the mobs to me :))

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