Need some advice with gear upgrades.

Just looking for tips with gear. I'd like to be able to farm mp10 reasonably easy. Kind of on a budget. Thanks :D

Here's some tips based on how your gear differs from mine – and at this stage I’m farming mp10 at a comfortable rate solo, but I do have to move out of giant pools of crap dropped by elites occasionally.

I’m sure you’ve heard, but to have sufficient EHP for mp10, you’d need roughly 500-550 all res, 5k armor and about 50k hp. All dependent on your DPS and LS of course, but that’s a guide to work from.

Right off the bat you’ve got pretty low resists, even with OWE, about 370 I’m guessing? You’re going to want to buff this up by about 200 points – and the first place you’d want to get it’s on your bracers. Lacunis are good, don’t get me wrong, but I feel they’re a bit of a waste at this point as you’ve already got 24% MS from your boots and pants. Craft a good pair of bracers, ideally you’d get one with high dex, some vit (which will help with your low hp), dual resists and crit chance.

Once that’s done, a couple of options are available –
1. replace your inna’s pants for one with higher Vit OR all res
2. Craft shoulders with higher stats on them – the dream’s high dex, vit, 2 resists, and life%.

Rest of it looks like it’s a matter of getting the same items, but with higher values. For example, if you’re on a strict budget , a well rolled ammy with high dex, maybe vit/resists, and a dua-fecta might be more value for money than a trifecta - buy or craft one (good luck with the crafting though, I’ve done a fair number and have yet to get one, heard ammys are the biggest pain in the butt to craft).

Assuming a bigger budget you’re going to want a bunch of higher dps weapons, and maybe a mempo with CC too.

Good luck, and while I’m by no means a pro here on the forums, get in touch if you want to talk.
Just from what I can see, while my advice is surely limited, I would suggest crafting bracers/gloves (hopefully getting a very similar roll to what you have on the gloves but having the base 200+ dex) and pretty much anything on bracers would be nice. Getting a vit, single/dual res and the 6% crit would make them significantly better than Lacuni. My bracers are pretty close to what I wanted, just change the phys res for lightning/AR and I would have been very happy. Didn't take too many crafts (I think around 10-15 for those).

After adding up your AR+PR, I can see you're about 100-150 res short of being on point. Might want to find some more AR/PR on something (pref bracers or one of the Inna pieces as mentioned above).
Heyy Mr. Jowls your monk is looking good man!!! what MP you doin now?
Lacunis can be rather restrictive on gear selection and curbs "progressive" gearing when u trying to reach MP 7 + because the ones with 100 dex + vit are obscenely expensive.

a way around this is crafting / buying a 150+ dex / 100 vit / ONE res / res all / 6.0 cc bracer and get ur 9% IAS and 12% MS elsewhere.

you can get the 9% ias from Mempos (you will lose 6% cheap cc from inna's head though), inna pants with high vit is a more common choice.

12% MS is relatively easy to find. Nat boots / Ice Climbers are common examples. One advantage of going the Ice Climber's route is you do not need to rely on Nat ring for "synergy" and have more flexiblity with what rings you want to equip.

I had to ditch my Lacunis, Nat ring + Boots for Rare bracer (which I will craft my own eventually), Ice Climber + IAS ring(s) to breach the 120k dps ceiling which I couldn't otherwise breach because I cannot:

a) get an Echoing Fury (too expensive and i do not like Fear on melee class chars)
b) get rare fist weapons (too expensive).

I use the Sheng Long set as weapons. They are pretty good and more importantly, cheaper then the mainstream stuff.

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