Sledge Fist

Does the stun has an internal duration (i.e. max of 1 stun every 3 sec), similar to skysplitter and Azurewrath?

Originally wanted to buy one for trying but man that stuff is not cheap.
There is no evidence for internal cooldown on straight CC affixes like the stun on Sledge Fist. As far as i know, Skysplitter has one, Azurewrath does not have one for freeze but probably has one for 'knocks back undead.'

Sledge Fist's effective stun rate takes into consideration your IAS and and skill proc coefficient. Spirit generators are great for applying stun since they have high proc chance.

Like all CC, stuns from Sledge Fist have various levels of diminishing returns depending on the monster CC resistance. Bosses have more resistance, trash has less.

As monsters with CC resistance are continuously stunned, the effective duration of newly applied stuns becomes shorter and shorter and eventually gets ignored--not indefinitely, but for a short duration as monster CC resistance wears off while not CC'd.

There is a developer blog on the CC resistance stuff somewhere around here if you want to know more...

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