weighing scales on this litany

Now, let's set aside that I'm not even working on my barb atm but I came across this


It'll go for about 5m or so, but if that's it then why not just slap it on him until better rings come along.

Ultimately, I play Wizards and Witch Doctors so I'm in the intel/mitigation mindset. What do barb rings ideally wanna be? Set items with very ultra-specific specs or rares with ideal stats?

I would play HOTA.
Barbs would usually go for pure dmg on rings. Ar and vit are lower priority than cc, cd, str, and ias if you need the latter. The IK 2 bonus is +60 ar, and it's not too hard to get sufficient ar and vit elsewhere on your gear e.g. helm, shoulders, chest, pants, shoes, maybe bracers and belt.

Popular rings include SOJ (hota reduction in your case), Unity and rares with the above stats.

Keep your litany, it's not bad, but try to swap it out as you get the mitigation elsewhere.
Yup, pretty much what gooball said. The sticky by Raging Koala on the top of the barb forums will answer pretty much all your questions.

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