Great Barb Gear Giveaway (now 4 sets!)

I haven't played for a while, and it appears that the game hasn't changed much. I'm already bored again, so I thought I'd do a giveaway (because they are always fun). I used to run a bunch of WD gear giveaways. Anyway... onto the gear.

I'll pick a winner on Sunday the 8th.

Just tell me why I should give it to you.

Here are some videos of me playing with each set.
Set 1:
Set 2:
Set 3:
Set 4:

These are all MP7. Some sets clear faster than others. If you are grinding EXP i'd swap rings for Hellfire + Leoric. This will hurt your Damage, but its worth it.

A few notes if you're not used to playing this style. If you are having trouble keeping fury up then you might need to go up a level of MP. If things die to fast you get less crits and less fury. Try a few MP levels and find out which one gives you the most EXP/hour. If your not getting EXP then things aren't dying and you can try rending more or just move down in MP. I like finding an MP that I can kill everything with minimal rend. Just run through super fast, rinse and repeat.

PS you will die to Fallen Maniacs, avoid them at all costs.
I would love any of it that you are willing to part with. I am just recently coming back to D3, I had been playing a 60 Wizard but upon returning decided I would love to try out a barbarian. Have been playing him non stop for the past couple of days and am currently at level 45. Will be 60 by the end of the week. How ever I haven't found any real good gear, also am trying to find a guide for a real solid dps build.

Not sure if its a "good reason" other than I'm coming back to D3 and absolutely loving the barbarian.
Just to be clear, I'm going to give someone the entire set.
Hate the Demon Hunter, love the Barbarian, and I'm looking for a good starting set. WW all day, I'd use this to grind XP after swapping rings! Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the game.
its not that I don't enjoy it, its just that I get bored easy. Doing this gives me something else to focus on. If this goes well I'll do a few more.
Would love to complete my barb with items from your set. I'm not gonna beg though as there may be someone else out there that needs the gear more than I do. Pretty awsome that your able to part with your items like that, most folks would rather sell their gear to feed a different character.
I could use a good 2h set!
I would love the set, I am about to hit 60 on my Barb and it will be my first 60. I have been slowly gearing him up with what I can find from drops. I love the Barb a lot played all of the other classes and the Barb is the one I have stuck with.

I fight what I can kill and when I can't I kite it around and slowly bring it down. Would love to destroy stuff with a new set of gear.
I would love a piece.

That would help alot. =(
I would love a good barb set. I just got my barb to level 52 because I grew fairly bored with my Monk and never really bonded with the DH at all. I just came back to D3 after a fairly long break. I actually played about 2 or 3 months after release then quit out of frustration. I thought the monk would be what I want in a melee class but it just doesn't feel right for some reason.

I need a good, fast, farming class that is fun to play. The Barbarian seems rather enjoyable so far.

So basically I would like a good Barb set because he is currently naked. I think I spent maybe 300k on a suit just to try and get him to 60 fast lol.
I would love to get that barbarian gear, I could really need some help gearing my barbarian I spent some gold but never getting it to work. So your barbarian gear would be perfect for me. It seems so fun just spinning around with the barb. Soo please I could really need this. So I can enjoy the game even more than before :)

Really hope you pick me

it would be a great for me to have this gear, even if it is only one piece because i want to be able to do higher monster power to be able to get the keys for the ubers. D3 is a great game, but you can get bored if you play too much in a short time. i also want this gear to be better when the expansion comes out... thanks!
I would love this gear. Because I effin LOVE Diablo. :D No matter how poor Blizzard has made out experience with it
May I have your set? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

I should get this set because I asked nicely :)
Hey man! This set would help my barbarian so much! I've been constantly dropping on any inferno difficulty above normal, as I too took a break from the game and my gear was worthy of the rigged inferno back in release... :)
After coming back with a group of friends, the set has just been inadequate and I am not able to enjoy the game with them. I understand your perspective of the game and really appreciate your generosity man!

This set would mean the world to me at the moment, and honestly, i would love to help out people just like you when I am in that position to do so! People like you inspire me in such a bland community. This game has so much potential and I really want to get ready for the next expansion with a barbarian that i can make some money out of to help others :D

I will really appreciate it if you choose me :) but i'm sure all the other candidates are just as worthy. Have a good one champ!
I have already wrote but I forgot to mention that I would love this gear because I can't farm with my friends at the moment becasue my bad gear. This set would be perfect for me because I don't have the gold or real money to build myself a barb. This set is just so awesome I really hope that you could give me it casue I'm in real need and so.

Thanks for reading this and I can only hope that you pick me and my drama will come true ;)
unfortunately I have to pick 1 one winner, but I will probably do more set giveaways. I also have several other pieces similar to those in the set that I've won on the AH that I can hook people up with. I'll check out everyones gear and I'll try and give out some random pieces that I think will help people.
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, I have read your exploits all throughout Dominaria..

I just recently played again and finally my Barbarian turned level 60. I gave up Diablo 3 last year because I was discourage by my main character DH, it dies so easily if it step outside the town of Tristram. I have taken interest in Diablo 3 lately because of the expansion. As much as I want to enter into bot trance, where I would forget myself as a human and become a programmed maniac killing monsters all over for hours, it seems that I am unable to do it now unlike 10 years ago as I am well beyond my late 20's, have 8 hour day job and 4 hour post graduate school and 4hour chat with a GF online. It would be an honor if you would lend me your gears. I have a very sad love story and I do not have so many friends as most of them have already quit. If you do give me your gears. I'll make sure that I will pay it forward someday to a random Diablo 3 user in the future.
omg at your helm and skorn!! O_O
very nice items!
kudos to you for doign this =)

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