Great Barb Gear Giveaway (now 4 sets!)

The Barb is and always has been my favorite class in the game. All I did was play a barb in D2 and now my passion has extended into D3. Being a long time Diablo fan, playing since the original when i was in grade school you can be guarantee that this great gear set wont go to waste.

I have multiple RL friends who play this game along side me and I would love to be able to pay forward my old gear to them if I won.
I just started playing again and im at para level 36 and can't survive mp10 or even mp8. Also my DPS is only 86k. I would like to xp faster with better gear. Then ill be able to get better drops to help gear my friends.
Would love to be able to win this set as well. :)

I just came back few days ago from a yr off.
24 hours left to let me know why I should give you this full set of Armor.

First, I'd like to say that I think it's pretty darn awesome what you're doing. I finally threw in the towel on my WoW account about 6 months ago and did something very similar with my guildies =) I had been playing the game since Vanilla, and just reached the point where I was bored.

As far as Diablo III is concerned, I quit several months back after I reached 60 and hit a brick wall in Act 3 Inferno. With the release of all the changes, I found myself enjoying the game more. I have a 60 DH and 60 Barb, however the Barb is what I'm earning my Paragon levels on. There's nothing quite like running into a torrent of foes and smashing them to bits! Currently I'm duel wielding at about 70k ish DPS. I would love to attempt a 2h Spec, but I haven't found / earned enough gold to buy the proper gear for it.

I'll tell you this honestly; I'll put your set to good use! I love playing with my friends, farming, killing, and just plain having fun. Also, when / if I replace these pieces I will follow in your footsteps and give them all away again! Good luck to everyone who has submitted, and thank you again Kamahl for setting up this awesome give away!

Balthor said to give me the set with those precious, shiny rubies. Need to take care of some Cabalists.

Hi I would love to win this giveaway, I just finished leveling a barb to 60 because I plan on playing it as my main in the next expansion, unfortunately spent all of my money on my monk because I just came back to this game a week ago and all my gear was outdated. Now I have no funds to gear my barb :(

Would appreciate your help!

Here is a link to my profile~
Love to play and I'm pretty active but I never got the hang of barb set building. Once I got him to 60 I just lost intrest cause I couldn't really afford to gear him properly but this would really help on my quest to get 5 para 100s for the xpac
Because i am going to give the set to someone more needy when i got my barb gear going.
First it's cool that you are doing this. I just recently came back to the game and would like to be able to jump into runs with friends but with a 3 week newborn it will be hard to farm and play the AH to gear up, so I hope I get chosen. :) Thank you for your consideration.
Good news! I'm giving away 3 sets instead of one

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Third set is less damage, but the crit chance is high and is great for WW. I was doing exp runs runs on MP 6 no problem. The extra WW crit chance on the Boulder Breaker is really nice, and I have bids in on an ever better one. I'll throw in a Skorn and a Mempo that boost the Damage to too 160k if you want to go that route.

I've also got a bunch of extra items I got good deals on that I'll try to give away (somehow got 6 extra mempos).
Thank you for giving away this set, very nice of you to do so.

I would like to win due to me quitting this game after I got max level the first few weeks during release. Been almost a year and a half. I have not touched the game since and started to level a barbarian yesterday, now its at 27 and soon going to be max. I would like the gear to get my barbarian up to par once I am 60.
As long as I remember, I always loved dolphin, but my overprotective father wouldn't let me swim with one and I got no other choice than to become a fierce barbarian to impress him, but nothing seems to please him. With your gear I will finally live my life like I always wanted to and go swim in a pool full of dolphins eating my father's corpse that do not believe in my dreams! (by the way, my father is the Butcher and he can be a little touchy time to time).

But, seriously, I just start playing this game 1 year ago and I'm enjoying it, do you need any other good reason?

P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm canadian, so I got no other choice than to excuse myself.
I have the best name. Also, I only play barbs and have never got BiS items, and this would really make me smile every night.
So... Your barb has 275K damage and you want me to give you a set with 165 instead of giving it to someone who actually needs it? Your Echoing Fury is worth about 10 times all 3 of these sets combined. Let me assure you that I will not be giving you anything.

All I can say is that people like you are the only down side to doing stuff like this.
Why should i give it to you?
Because EVEN with my dh gear i cant do 10 solo without wanting to dropkick my pet dog EVERY SINGLE GAME. Generally i help anyone i can (bought my friend 30m worth of gear for his wiz when he restarted last week) even though i am broke as far as gold goes,

and i have a barb ready to go for the gear

This isn't directed at anyone in particular. I often hear people talk about doing MP10 like its some big deal. It really not. If you are grinding EXP you should just find the level that is most efficient. Thats not likely to be 10 unless you have insane gear.

I usually do MP7 with my main. I hit Keep Depths Level 2 and I sweep through it in 1-2 minutes. Rinse, Repeat, and collect about 60-70M exp per hour. I can do MP10, but I go a little slower and I don't get as much EXP per hour.

With all that said I sold the extra Mempos and put together another set of gear. This set is 2 one handers and has the least DPS. Its a great learner set for a new Barb learning WW build (your fury will stay at max with ease). I crushed MP 6 on my normal EXP run and since this set has 5.6 LS you can switch bloodthirst to brawler no problem.
Damn Man love how people do this kind of thing. Im not after a set as there are definitely more people out there worse of than me but if youve got any of those individual pieces that could help increase my vit so i stop dieing that would be awesome. And the reason why is.... its my birthday tomorrow.


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