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Don't know how to start a new WD?
Don't know what to upgrade?
Feeling something wrong with your WD and don't know what to do?

Please feel free to post your WD build or gear questions here in this thread.

Everyone is welcomed to help and answer questions.


If you have absolutely no experience in WD (have no preference in any specific build), just want to start one for para-leveling/farming at low cost,
here is a simple guide for you to jump-start your WD:

1. get a good set of Zuni, including
Zuni Helm - high INT (>200), w/ crit. chance ( 6 cc best),
Zuni Chest - high INT (>150) + Vital (>200 preferred ), High armor (>600 preferred)
Zuni Pox Ring - 6cc max, high INT and with high average dmg,
Zuni boots - with all resist, high INT and Vital.

2. get a Skorn with high DPS(around 1350), Crit dmg (170+) and 5.6% lifesteal.
Put a green gem on Skorn

3. get a Witching Hour with high INT, vital.

4. get a rare pants with high INT, VITAL, all resist and 2 sockets. Or a blackthrone pants with all resist

5. craft ammys, shoulders, bracers, gloves, shoulders and bracers.
Shoulders and Bracers must have all resist.

6. Use this Firebat cookie build for farming:!eYT!ZcaZbZ

Target stat:
> 700 all resist,
> 3500 armor,
> 65k HP,
> DPS 150k

7. I recommend this build for Uber group games:!abe!bcabZZ

Hope this helps.
Have fun with your new WD and Good Luck!

We are WDs.
We feast,
like a beast.
I realize my spec is not optimal. It works for solo atm.
I just don't know where to go with gear atm. No idea what to buy next.

I can't access your WD profile.
I can't help without seeing what u currently have.
I realize my spec is not optimal. It works for solo atm.
I just don't know where to go with gear atm. No idea what to buy next.

sorry had to change profile
I plan on doing Bat build I guess once I can survive with it. or whatever build is solid now adays. I get crushed atm though.
gear suggestion:
1. you can start with getting a complete set of zuni 4 pieces. you need a pox ring (best with 6cc, high average dmg), zuni helm (best with 6cc, high INT and vital).
2. craft bracers to get 6 cc, high INT and vital roll.
3. buy a rare pants with following: high vital, high int, all resist 70, 2 socket, high armor alternatively you can get blackthrone pants (best with high vital/int). "All resist" is a must have on ur pants.
4. knife is best with a socket.

Try to target > 700 all resist, close to 4000 armor, > 70k life.

What you have currently is a low mp game firebomb/AC rain build.
your build is best with a frog mojo. Here is a build example:
The pick-up radius works with Grave Injustice passive. Every monster you killed (within pickup radius) will reduce cooldown of your skills. you will be running super fast. Don't use PTV. You will run out of mana often with PTV and AC.

Firebat build is recommended in high mp games.. Some cookie build like this:!TYe!acaZbZ

For detail build requirement, see:

or doc version:
Hey Luffy...

Which piece do you think is gna be my best way to add 1 more piece of AR? chest/belt/left ring?

Looks like id have to give up some dmg but i think proly the belt? or should I just leave it as it is?
your all resist at 840
I don't recommend you change it.
If you have some difficulty spamming CoB over molten/plague, I suggest you add life-link dogs.
If you have to add AR, you can add that on any of chest/belt/left ring or even a tal ammy
Depending what you can find in the market, you may have to give up some vital or dps.
i guess u r right, im not "really" having any issues i was just thinking if i can drop some armor for ar mite help a bit more...idk

thanks anyways
While working on getting together enough $ to afford a crit pox (think that should be my next purchase anyways) I'm wondering if I should be working on crafting better gloves or better bracers?

Also curious your opinion on a CoB doc using an all-res unity?
your current attack speed is at 1.23.
you just need 8% ias to hit the CoB breakpoint 1.31.

Undaunted should be a better choice instead of unity because it can have a bifecta roll (ias/cd + 4.5cc) with build-in all resist + elite dmg reduction.

If u can find a rare ring to give u extra 8% ias + all resist and crit chance and damage, that would be awesome. Usually I would just get a good trifecta ring and get all-resist from pants.

Craft bracers first to get all resist + 6cc + int and vital.
you can work on ur gloves next. Bracers are easier to get a good roll then gloves.

BTW, your ammy is awesome.
Thanks Luffy! I'll work on getting some good bracers and a little bit more ias then.

09/06/2013 05:16 PMPosted by Luffy
BTW, your ammy is awesome.

And it was like my 10th attempt too - I figure it'll last me to 70.
Started a WD last week, what do you think of it ?

Got 460k eHP according to d3up, is it enough ? I think I have to try to get a bit more vit, but don't really know where to add it without breaking the bank.

Edit : By the way, I really want to keep the 24% Movement Speed.
The only problem I see in your build is skorn lifesteal being too low.
I like to take this as a reference:
4.30% 91.40%
4.40% 91.20%
4.50% 91.00%
4.60% 90.80%
5.40% 89.20%
5.50% 89.00%
5.60% 88.80%
5.70% 88.60%

Your "Total Damage Reduction" from d3up is 88.85%. With FA, your dmg reduction is 92.85%.
When you have a chance, upgrade your skorn to get higher lifesteal.(~5.6%). That can save you the FA skill for other uses.

to get more vital, zuni helm can come with higher life% bonus.
you can put a bigger gem in ur helm.
of course, u can always replace some of ur yellow gems to purple ones.
You can also add life-link dogs in ur build. that's 10% extra ehp right there.

I prefer HP > = 65k for a skorn build.
Thanks ! I'll try with my older Skorn that had higher LS. And I'll try to find some nice double vit boots as I feel like I don't need the PUR there.
you don't PUR for CoB skorn build. The GI passive will still work.
hey luffy, can help me improve my wd for mp10? im going okay but still die a few times. and which piece is cheaper to upgrade in order if possible. would make it easier as I have limited budget. One last thing is which crafting should I focus on now.
craft a better shoulders.

upgrade (in prioity):
1. your rare pants with higher int and all resist.
2. a skorn with better lifesteal (5.6% or above)
3. better pox, zuni helm 6cc, etc.

Everyone dies once in a while in softcore.
If you found your WD dying too often,
1. Adding lifelink dogs and/or Horrify Frightening Aspect can help you survive better.
2. replace your red gem in helm to a purple one.
Hey Luffy,

THanks for helping out I appreciate it.

I am very new to WD and really quite new to the whole paragon farming thing. However I want to get lvl 100 para and would like to know how to improve my character. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man :D

The fastest way to para-level 100 is to farm in full mp 10 games.

To get there, you should
1. start with completing your zuni set on your WD. Zuni set is important for mana gen, which you need to play high MP games. You are missing 2 pieces. Recommend you to get zuni helm with 6 cc, high vital/int, zuni chest with high int/vital and armor.
2. Keep crafting to get upgrades. Start crafting shoulders first to get a roll with all resist, high vital and INT
Then bracers with high int/vital + 6cc, followed by ammy, gloves.

Then you may have to upgrade your weapon and mojo too. Hopefully after these you will have dps above 150k (best at 200k) and start farming in MP 10.

Firebat CoB build is the most popular MP 10 build right now.
it looks something like this:!TYe!acaZbZ

For detail gear/build requirement, see:

or the same guideline in google doc. version:

You will find a lot of useful information, including video, by PaulNg.
Hey thanks for the help Luffy, I was just wondering what I should be doing to better my WD, luckily I found this thread :)

Just started him the other day and hit 60 yesterday so it's taking some time to learn the class. <3 Zombie Bears.

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