How's my Inferno Build?

Hi folks,

I picked this build off the web and slightly customised it. Nothing extraordinary but it works well as a crowd control/infinite berserk/health regen barb/dmg dealer barbarian.

I'd like your opinions on it so that I may improve it. I'm not a genius afterall :P!dZg!YcbYcY

Thank you for your input

Oh and another thing: I moved to the Asia Server a while back, which is where I have my Lv60/9 Barb. It's not showing on my forum profile though. I'm still stuck with a low lv7 Barb I once started on the US. How can I change that? It would be helpful so that you can view my gear to compare...
Looks like a solid build. If you're using an axe or mace, you might want to replace Bloodthirst with Brawler for a big damage boost. Also, Revenge seems kind of superfluous,assuming you have adequate Lifesteal from gear. Why not try Sprint or Overpower @ Killing Spree instead?

Unfortunately, there's no way (as far as I know) to make your Asian server Barb appear on your US profile. Why not just play on the US server instead? We don't bite :)
Thanks WordMaster,

I'm currently using BK's Warrior Blood + Stormshield (which I've just swapped for BK's Solemn Vow for a test run). I have Brawler already. Should I lose Bloodthirst altogether? I could try Overpower instead of Revenge...

I started on the US server but switched early to join a mate on the Asia Server. That's the only reason... :(

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