Witch doctor

Witch Doctor
Since the very start the wd was my main, but right now I feel stuck since I can barely stand a chance against mp5. I would apreciate any help regarding my gear and build, if my concept it's good or i need to focus on other areas. Thank you for your time and help!
1. Your attack speed is high for a bear doc. Get an LS Skorn or a rare LS one-hander with socket (preferably 1.3 AS or less).

2. I would suggest 3 more pieces of Zuni gear to get the bonus 20 mana per sec. So get a chest, ring (Pox), and a crit chance Zuni helm.

3. Witching hour belt. Get 3 green stats on it. Highest DPS you can afford.

4. Pants need 150 int and vit, 70+ allres, 2 sockets and + armor if you can find it.

5. Roll shoulders and bracers. See mine for examples of what you want.

That should get you started.
I already did some modifications. Can you rate it?
You need ls on your weapon or a lot of loh to sustain your life pool.

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