New to Paragon farming Gear advice plz :)

Witch Doctor
Hey guys,

I want to start farming higher paragon levels to level faster, can someone give me some tips to start heading in the right direction gear wise?

I feel like im stuck and cant progress. Also, where is a good area to farm large amounts of xp/hour ?

Thanks in advance :)
1. I just answered some of ur questions in here about build/gear.

2. farm route. See here for detail report:

In short, the best exp route in game according to Nubtro is
VotA->Oasis->Ruins->Channels (VORC)

"1. Vault of the Assassin (#10) -> arguably the fastest 5 NV stacks in the game
2. Dahlgur Oasis (#4) -> start from the lower left "Path" waypoint, clear the whole area
3. The Forgotten Ruins (#3) -> enter as soon as you find it, afterwards leave through the entrance
4. Western & Eastern Channel (#1) -> enter from the Oasis"
Thanks heaps for ur help man :D
Holy, what the?!! @luffy, You have invested some time in 4 Acts of Diablo 3. Hope Blizzard appreciates it cause I am jealous.

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