Crypt Teleporting routes

I found this pic in the aus/nz side of the forums and i'm gonna hijack it - because it's bloody good.

This is how you should teleport to find the crypts at max velocity:

big shout out to abend who's thread i ninjad for the greater good.
Oh wow... if those teleport points ALWAYS look the same with those landmarks, it'll be fast as!

Thanks, Amos.. or abend... or whoever you people stoled this from.
Nice find amos! Gonna start using this.
There's a simpler way. Open your map, move it up so you can see the other Temple waypoint. Now you know where you are (top, middle, bottom). The crypt is either north east or south west. If you waypointed to anywhere besides top, then I personally like to check south first, then diagonal your way to north east.
Doesn't the map spawn under total fog of war? or are you talking about drowned temple wp?

Either way works i suppose - but this is a nice graphical representation helping people get the image in their heads of the map i know i personally am not really familiar with maps lol i just run circles or zig zags without thinking, but something like this help to target my approach visually before i even port in.

still the temple waypoint sounds like a fast way to locate yourself regardless of spawns or random generation - never thought of using it like that thanks kiza
Yea, the drowned temple waypoint. Alternatively, you can waypoint there as well and just travel southwest in a straight line. It's a longer distance, but one could argue that you can simply waypoint and start running without opening your map, readjusting, or looking for landmarks and hoping you are going in the right direction.
Smart, Kiza.

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