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57% reaches a ww breakpoint, 58% is required for a HotA one. The lack of crafts is not due to a lack of trying. Thousands of amulets and gloves. I have strong trifectas that beat my ik's on my naked 100, but I don't want to give up the 60 AR from the set bonus. I've had no luck with trifecta amulets, though I literally have a handful of strong bifectas, none of which unfortunately will do me much good with this gearing path.

For 250M, I can't argue with what you've come up with. Of course I'll have to nitpick the mainhand EF. For about the same combined price, I'm pretty sure you can do better with a big damage double crit black mace and an LS/soc EF (these are dirt cheap). LS mace+CD EF is also an option.

You drop from 2.5/2.86 down to 2.5/2.5, but it'd still be my preference.

Other than that, it's a very well done barb for the budget.
need help
Death #1408 Are my old mate how else can I rate you 9.5/10.
^agree with whats written above^
@waycoolz, your barb is 9.2 out of 10 imo, the only thing you can do is get higher cc on your already great pieces. (im sure you already know that)

I would like some suggestions, other than a crit mempo.

Also: I am in the process of obtaining a amulet, crafted 100ish so far, no decent stats that beat my current ammy. :(

I'm also going to be leveling multiple chars to p100, so if you could suggest upgrading one ring, that would be great, as the worst will be replace by a hellfire.
8/10, new irons, I personally don't like scorn and definitely a crit Mempo price is way down.


Just dont really like main handind an EF w/o soj

Other gear looks solid
@Later 6/10

That echoing fury is friggin insane.
Be honest. Ive been out of the game for a while now and getting back in. Still kinda new to the Barb and not sure where to go from here. Do I need more AR? Armor? Do I give up skorn and go for 2 one handers? Should I give up the SoJ? Thanks.
@SRTtoZ 8/10

Your barb looks fine, just slow upgrades from here. Good crafts BTW.

You seem to have all the right numbers in all the right places. I am not too knowledgeable on 2Hers though.

Since you are using a Skorn, have you ever thought of going HotA?
@ ThePlow

Do the lights dim when you swing your weapons?

Do monsters flee when you encounter them?

Does your Barb bowl overhand?

Can someone rate my barbarian?


However what I'm looking forward to mostly is constructive criticism, what am I doing wrong and how I can make my barb better. Thanks!

(It seems like I have low DPS. Can someone tell me some gear suggestions?)
Xunde: You have too many IK pieces, ditch the helm, boots and belt. Replace them with a Good 9/6 Mempo, a 6/45+ Witching Hour with 240+ str, and Ice Climbers with 270+ str, vit etc. I'd ditch those pants for some Inna's with at least 90str and 80+ vit.
@Emmortal All around very good. I'd probably go higher on vit for high MP farming and I'd supplement that LS with some LoH for the same reason.

Keep crafting bracer I guess. Amulet and shoulders crafting after u get ur bis bracer.

Once u get more ias.. get a soj imo.

Thanks Darrel, but I don't have any issues with MP10 in a 4 man group with EHP at 828k and over 314k unbuffed dps (diabloprogress). LS after 200k dps is far more effective than LoH, LoH for barbs isn't very good TBH.
Help! I know I need to craft some better gloves.
09/10/2013 04:36 PMPosted by R3dial
Help! I know I need to craft some better gloves.

You need some CC for sure. I would first craft bracers and shoot for all resist and CC of at least 5%, and for your run speed try to either get Ice Climbers with 12% or switch to IK boots for now.

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