Burning monk!

just build for fun , but test feel so cool :D . Give me advice 2 upgrade thx!
I wish Blizzard can make the Burning Axe of Sankis like EF =.=
Viewing your profile just made me cry and say "Jesus Christ" every time I looked at one of your characters...

Anyways, you're going to want at least Dashing Strike or FoT:TC for moving around. Walking everywhere gets to be a huge PITA really quickly.
I'm so glad that my profile helped you finding God muwahahaha... Just kidding >:)

Anyway, your point is well taken. Thanks for the advice!
sry i train my DH forget put ittems in my monk , now he s not nude ^^ .I still need 1 main weapon :*(
Hi, Wolf from the eu

If you want to go burning then you need more synergy in the build. LTK fire tornado really just knocks back enemies. And doesn't kill anything.

ofc you need the burning axe of Sankis. It's a grossly underpowered weapon but it has a defensive proc and the fire dmg boost isn't bad. Drop OWE and go a lower mp. Try this.


Works better below mp 8; 150k dps should be fine. Only Solo, if not Exploding palm is pointless.

You can replace combination passive and blazing fist with blazing wrath/Faith in the light/6th sense, depends on your gear and how quickly you can DPS down the first target to start chaining essence burn. Have fun.

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