Diablo Dubstep Song (Final Boss)

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This is awesome
This is great work. I'm mildly into Dub and House music so it's not my preferred genre, but, this was created nicely. Good job.

As for the person trolling - Don't attempt to call yourself a music enthusiast if you can't appreciate all types of music. As a musician, you learn to appreciate ALL types and genres; whether or not you like that genre or not. Creativity and music artistry is what counts in any genre.
Sweet, the guy used the Skeleton Kings audio samples. Zolton Kulle would have been a good choice too, his VA was impressive.

I take that back - I picked up Zolton's laugh. Wicked.
As for the person trolling - Don't attempt to call yourself a music enthusiast if you can't appreciate all types of music. As a musician, you learn to appreciate ALL types and genres; whether or not you like that genre or not. Creativity and music artistry is what counts in any genre.

Just because my opinion differs from yours doesn't mean I'm trolling. Is "FILTHY BRO NICE WUBS" what you want me to say? And no as a musician you learn to develop taste and decide what's worth listening to and what's not. Do you enjoy noise music? That's literally white noise without variation playing and many people listen to it but I doubt you'd say that a person is not a musician because he doesn't "appreciate" something (at least until it gets on the grammys as a genre and then you'll love it).

Please explain to me in music theory terms what is good about this "song"? And like I said there is no creativity here, boards of canada are laughing their asses off at calling this creative. You must have the musical maturity of a 8 year old to think there is anything creative about this.
If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all...

Jesus man, get over yourself.
Honestly, It's 5 am, I should be asleep I have work in 3 hours... But I'm going to play, and jam to this song, because it's so freaking awesome.... You Will Never Defeat Me!!!!!! BOW WOW WAH WAAAH WAH WAHHHH I Cast off these petty Illusions! Paint You're own Fence! Mwahahaha!
I can't put this on loop for while I play :( :( :(.... Three just is not enough for this travesty, :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:... You know what, I can alt+tab and start it again, no big deal, :)!

Edit: Whoa Whoa Whoa, calling out Decibile here, You're name is awesome bro, as slick as my brothers play on 132 for the frets on a guitar and all that... But to say this is not music, just because it is synthetic music and recorded sounds>played on the spot instruments, is no reason to say it is not music. If I am correct, there have been at least a hundred musicians discredited for there music because it was ahead of it's time, or too complex for the current generation, AKA Pink Floyd yo, I grew up listening to that. And to this day it's still receiving more critical acclaim, (nod to one of my favorite bands,) then most songs out on the air right now.

My point in all that is, even though you may not appreciate it's musical qualities based on what you have been brought up to believe... It is still, none the less, music, and quality at that. Creativity in all forms is kick !@#. I'm sorry for you these guys, are more creatively inclined to music on a digital level then you are... You could cry more about it, and say smack like that, but in the end, you sir are no Ray Vaughn, so you're opinion of music is probably limited and screwed by you're own personal opinion... But thank you for sharing, music is music, in all shapes and forms. This is really more akin to traditional music, just because it maintains structure throughout, which most songs lack these days... Because they are nothing but whiny garble...

Oh my god I stick my thumbs into my eyes... because it's the only thing that stops the ache... Please, that guys making millions, the only ache in his eyes is from drugs and lack of sleep, how about Godsmack write a song with something relative and positive... We are tired of digging our thumbs deep into our eye sockets yes? How about lets make babies and grow old and fat making BBQ on the 4th of July.... Or saving lives, I want to be a fireman... I love the idea of saving idiots like you that can't boil water from death! Haha am sorry, the last one was dirty, you're ok, you chose a pretty cool name and all that, so you can't be a total moron... But seriously, broaden you're horizons brother, there is far more to "music" then you are thinking... There is so much eargasims to be had from audio fidelity, to deny yourself the wubbawubwuv of dubstep... Is just shameful for 2013 man, it's good stuff, I like it as much as I liked Rush up to almost 2010... It's just jammin fast beats at a sexy crisp 4/4 beat. You can't beat a 4/4 man... I don't care if you play it on a flute, fast beats are hot.
Awww crap how it's almost 6 am... Mans... I am going to bed... Too many drinks, I spent so much extra time typing to you guys that never reply to me... That I don't have time to play... Maybe someone will say something about what I said after I get off work tomorrow? Man that would be sweet I have never come back to these forums and found a reply to any of my posts, It's hard to break out of anonimity when no one will reply to you haha... Oh look I just finished downloading OutLast on Steam... Time to go !@#$ my pants in terror? I sure hope it is good and scary, I will take myself a double shot before I delve into this nightmare! ahahaha who needs sleeep when you can drink! xD

................One of those nights... Man I'm goin to regret this at 2 PM tomorrow! But it's ok, I will be good until 11, hit some BC's and Red Bull to get me through till 6... TKO after that right? Good times awww yeah! Oh and... I want small content patch, something, before expansion... It's all good, it looks great, but I would love something, anything in the next month or so? You guys gotta have something to release before expansion.... At least PTR new class for us! :'(

Edit Edit: Maaan my first triple post... I feel so spammy and dirty... Sorry guys :D
Come on dudes, it's a 1400dps Skorn without life steal at best. I appreciate the time and effort of this dude, but come on, it's just not what you would think after reading the posts.
Loved it! Great job.
needs more cowbell........lol jk this song i Amazing.....new ringtone =)
09/05/2013 04:41 PMPosted by Decebal
Mozart, Pink Floyd, Jean Michelle Jarre, etc...

I listen to those listed, and your link was a very nice piece too. They're professional artists indeed. In fact, I listen to nearly every type of musical genre. You know what's different about us, though?

I can actually accept the fact that other people can and will create music out of bass. Just like people can make do entire throngs of instruments using just their voice (looking at you, Smooth Mcgroove), or even make music out of nothing but garage tools. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhyOY1NFPQg

I personally don't like growling or screemo music, but I do not state they don't have talent. It's quite the opposite, irrelevant my tastes and opinions. Even the rappers down here in the south that only rap about girls, money, drugs.. the rap that some call "trash".. those rappers have talent too. Are they using it to their full potential? Perhaps, perhaps not. That question can only be answered by opinions, not facts. But they have talent nonetheless. I'm not blind by my preference of music.

Are you so incapable of accepting that other people are not bound by your bias view of reality? Must everything ALWAYS fit into your conception of what "real" music is?

Also, for your information, only approximately half of the song was dubstep, or akin to what dubstep sounds like, the other half was quite gothic, dramatic, deep and quite majestic.

Tastes are as far and wide as there are differences in the very souls of our being. Yours is not the end all, be all. It may have class and standards, but just because you have a "higher" class or standard than those you decide to verbally step on, it does not mean they don't have talent. You're just not looking at it.
With a tune like that one day you’ll be as big as Armin Van Buren. I’m sure you know who he is. For those of you who don’t know Armin, he’s the most popular DJ on this plant. Your tune touched my heart and soul in ways I simply can’t put in words.

Way to go :)
Absolutely awesome

Another amazing artist you should check out that you might absolutely love is this guy :


He's amazing as well, you could probably get some wild inspiration from his mixes as well. Keep that up and you'll be recognized world wide some day :3
Just love it ;)
How did this post only get 2 pages!
You sir, are a god. This is the best thing i've heard since the Diablo 2 dubstep remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI0gM3PN-F4
great work , edited just noticed your featured by blizz epic dude
i could never create such a good tune... i truly admire your talent.

but on a personal note...
i dont really like it, but it sure is better then current ost(which is !@#$).

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