Fresh Lvl 60 WD Needs Help

Witch Doctor
Hello all, i normally play a monk but i have decided to try and venture into the unknown, and that is the witch doctor. I just got to 60 and i have no clue or idea where i am going with this guy, but any tips on builds or gear for potentially reaching mp10 would be great. Thanks
Saw that no one responded so I wanted to help :)

General guidelines for an efficient mp 10 doc 180 k - 200 k dps++, 4 k armor, 700 min all res+, and 60 k hp+. Try to get as close to these stats as possible.

Getting a new mojo would give you a ton of extra dps, you have almost no average damage on that one. I know you like it because of the reduction to bears but it would make much more sense to be more powerful so you have to cast less bears and kill things quicker. Another thing about the mojo, you are running GI(grave injustice) but have no PUR(pick up radius) so a TotD(Thing of the deep) would be the best bet for you.

Keep trying for those nice crafts, bracers are ok but no all res, ammy is okay for now too but much better could be crafted, gloves are pretty nice but again no all res. For sure get some all res and armor on those pants at least and you will be in better shape. Your armor is a bit low too so another spot for that would be your belt.

You just in general need more of everything, just trying to stack dps won't get you there because everything will just insta kill you in mp 10. There always needs to be a nice balance.

Thanks, am working on all your advice

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