Decent shoulders? (Crafted)

Sorry I didn't post my link, I hate doing that on the iPhone. Either way, I was wondering how are he shoulders i crafted? Are they decent enough that I can move onto another item to upgrade?
Yes, they're decent. Not amazing, but they have str, vit (including the life %) and ar. That's what you want for shoulders.

Moving on, the question is what to craft next? You don't want to lose the ias and ms of your lacunis, so I wouldn't recommend bracers. And although your gloves have low str, they are a trifecta, and again, you don't want to lose their ias. So your best bet might be the ammy. It's not too bad already, so you might not get an upgrade for several crafts. Or you might get one straight away, that's the beauty of crafting.
Yeah, I think the ammy will have to be next. I may switch to IK gloves so I can upgrade to Witching Hour. I'm not sure what would be the most inexpensive way to get a big DPS boost.
Don't switch to a witching hour yet, you'll drop a lot of ehp, including half your ls, and your vit is only just OK as it is. Don't do what too many barbs do, which is chase paper dps at the cost of being effective.

The quickest dmg boost you could get without gimping yourself elsewhere is cd on either or both of your weapons, assuming your budget extends to that.
Of my 2 weapons, which should I look to upgrade first? Would it be better to get something with LS and pick a new passive, or keep Bloodthirst and pick up more CD?
I should also note that I may have around 200mil to play around with.
I would get a lifesteal echo and switch to brawler, this passive increases your damage output by a huge amount. The next step would be to get crit damage on your main hand mace.

Oh and I think you are missing a movement speed piece? Get some str/ms ice climbers, without vit if you can't afford it. To compensate, sell your IK chest and get one with less strength and more vit. High vit IK chest is cheap because chest armor and pants roll double the vit of any other drop.
I could look into those. I haven't had much time to browse at items, but do you know a ballpark figure on what I should spend on those upgrades?

With the EF, is LS and .24aps more important than a socket and overall damage?
Since you use ww/sprint, your offhand damage is irrelevant. Hence your EF can be low overall dmg, as long as it has the stats you need.

The caveat to the this is that a lot of barbs try to bring hota into their build somehow, because it's much better than ww/sprint for single targets e.g. killing elites. Hota uses dmg from both hands, so if you go for a weak EF, you're gearing yourself into a corner.

If you had the budget, the best option would be ls on the other weapon. Rare maces/axes can roll all of ls, cd, socket and str, though of course that hits you in the pocket.
Yeah, and I have been leaning towards going towards a Skorn build, also.

It seems a lot of barbs are rolling with that these days, and it may be fun to try out.

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