Very new to the Barb, what to upgrade?

Hello Community,

I started playing Diablo on the release date but quickly decided to stop. That was quite a while before Paragon Levels introduced. I was playing a Demon Hunter.

The game has changed since then and I decided to restart with a Barbarian due to his incredible style.

I hit level 60 a couple days ago and spent a lot of time reading in the forum. I finally managed to get a little overview about the two common builds (Hota and WW) and how they are played.
Currently, I like WW a little more. However, I am still quite clueless on how to proceed. First of all, my barb:

I am currently farming Act 1 on MP1 (Festering Woods, Fields of Misery, Wheeping hollow; is that a good route?) and try to get some gold.
I currently have ~1m. What specific gear changes should I target first? And a general quesiton: Is my approach to farm the act 1 route on mp1 an effective way to obtain cold to improve my gear?

I appreciate your help!
Nephalem knoodie,

I think you have the general concept down and have a pretty respectable low level barb. The two gear slots that really jump out to me is Chest and Amulet.

I have built an example 1 Mil set
(Check images in linked album for DW/WW set)

Especially in your price range, gem slots aren't particularly crucial IF you can pick those stats up on the gear base. In this case, I think it would be very easy for you to pick up a cool 200 Base vit and 100 Str and still maintain AR on it. Even w/o sockets, a cheap chest like this would substantially help your base stats.

For amulet, you REALLY need the CC. A full slot is a full 10% CC which is what you are sorely lacking. If you want to move to a cold SOJ (which you alluded to in your post) you should clear at minimum 25% CC w/o 1 ring. W/ a better chest, you can probably drop all defensive stats and go for 100+Str, 8.5%+CC, 50%CD for well within your budget.

Once you get the chance and have enough CC on jewelry, I would switch to as basic Str Mempo. You pickup an AR slot (which you kind of need) plus a socket for XP or Life% in addition to a base Life % roll. Of course you get to still keep the IAS slot, losing just the CC slot.

I would also try to push for higher CC on gloves. You will likely have to sacrifice some vit but with 200 Vit chest, NBD.

After all this, if you want to move to a cold SOJ, you can. You should be at least MP 3-4 with just a few of these changes. Of course, if you want to go cold SOJ, best to have a high Black damage mace.

Direct link to album

Also check Eclipse's guide for shopping list.

Edit: In your case, ignore the weapon setup and SOJ. This barb was forced into a SOJ prematurely because I was usng a high fear EF Mainhand w/ Sword OH. Probably better for now for you to use rare rings for the CC.

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