PLVL 100 DH:::: PLEASE help with barb BUILD

I am trying to figure out what gear i need to crack 150 k dps unbuffed without sacrificing any

anyone who can help me gear out i will give some gear to for your help

any suggestions would be nice

thank you
Ha, wassup Foot. I did the same thing after hitting p100 with my DH... decided to level my barb.

Personally, I think you can afford to lose a small bit of your mitigation. I use MP10 FoM cattle as my benchmark. Specifically, if you can tank a shot from one of them, then you have all the defense you need... Rend will handle the rest.

I see that you are running Hota. I'd take a long hard look at a lifesteal Skorn, as it will result in huge damage from Hota along with really solid damage from Rend. The lifesteal on the Skorn will also allow you to drop your Mighty Belt for a Witching Hour (which will give you a solid boost in damage).

Naturally, when swapping out any gear, the most important thing is to keep your Attack Speed breakpoints so that you can keep Wrath up.

I'm sure a lot more experienced Barbs will chime in.

Happy Hunting.
I'd start with the easiest upgrades first - gems. Get as many rad star rubies as you can craft/buy on AH. Don't use them to craft Marquises just yet - wait for that until you get top end gear. You will be spending up to 15 million just unsocketing these gems once you find an upgrade, and to be perfectly frank, that's a HORRIBLE waste of money.

That said, a lifesteal Skorn would be my next step if I were in your position. Get one with > 1350-1400dps. You'll see not only an increase in damage, but an increase in ehp as well. I say a lifesteal Skorn because when you hit with HotA, you do very large crits, and remember, a certain percentage of that damage goes into healing your character. Allow me to explain further using some examples.

I am a HotA barb. With my crit chance & crit damage, I average crits between 1.2 and 1.6 million damage. (Your mileage will likely vary here.) Let's say I do a critical hit of 1.4 million damage, and for this example, let's say I have a 6% lifesteal Skorn. 1.4 million * 0.06 (which is 6% in decimal format) is 84000. Now in inferno, you take an 80% hit I think it is to any healing you receive from lifesteal (and now I'm sure you understand why Blizzard nerfed it in Inferno like they did.) So you must multiply 84000 * 0.2 (which is 20% in decimal form.) This totals 16800, which will be the actual amount of healing I would get from each similar hit. Keep in mind this is a lot, considering I have a little over 60 thousand HP. This means I can completely refill my life with about 4 whacks from HotA, provided each hit critted for the same amount of damage. (On average, I will completely refill my life with 3-7 hits from HotA on average, which is not optimal, but not terrible either, but like I said, your mileage will vary.)

Next, I'd get a better Vile Ward - one with %life and at least the same resistance. You'll gain damage and ehp from that as well. Then get an IK chest with your strength and > 200 vitality. (I've seen a few of these lurking on the AH, but they're quite expensive.) I think yours has a bare minimum resistance roll, so any amount of resistance would likely give you a small ehp boost as well.

Last, I'd max out the crit & str rolls on my Lacunis, if possible.

You'll likely break the bank with these upgrades, but it's the only way I'm aware of to get a large amount of damage without sacrificing too much ehp.

After these upgrades, it'll be a matter of just crafting gloves and amulets until you get something better. I think you'll have a tough time topping that gear tho.
Skorn - yes. Since rend damage is based on your mainhand weapon, a hota/rend build works better with a 2h weapon.

WH - yes. I don't normally recommend this, but apart from low vit, your mitigation is good, and the WH's attack speed will get you to a good breakpoint. If you go this route, you would want to keep or upgrade the IK gloves and helm, so you retain the IK 2 bonus.

Gems - they're the icing on the cake. Don't upgrade them until you've sorted your gear.

Pants - you're missing two sockets. You should be able to get rares or depth diggers that will improve your dps without dropping ehp. Don't get innas, you already have 24% ms and you won't need the attack speed.

Chest - you can add at least 100 vit. IK chests with around 200 vit aren't too expensive, though they go up after that.

Skills - you don't seem to have any rune on frenzy, and you don't need war cry with your high resists. Try sprint:run like the wind. Even for a hota barb, it makes farming easier, 'cos you can leave trash dying in your tornadoes as you run to the next pack. In lower density areas, I find it vital for maintaining wrath. Once you get used to it, farming without sprint is like playing in slow motion.

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