Coming Back...How's my gear

Okay guys,

I have been out for over a year, but want to make a little return. I am sure lots has changed since I left.

Could someone take a quick peak at my year+ old gear and tell me what improvements I should make to be viable with my Barb?

Much appreciated.
Not to be a d-bag (which I have trouble with sometimes) but you pretty much need all new gear.

I'm sure you can do mp1 or 2 with ease with your current gear.
Nephalem Pimpablo,

Here is Eclipse's guide to gearing

Check through the stickies.

There are a couple of giveaway contests too if you want to enter.

Here are some ultra low budget examples.

You're not a D-Bag if what you are saying is true....and I was kinda expecting this after a year away.

Thank you both!

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