ZK / Seige B ubers.

I hadn't solo'd Ubers 10 since .6 just because I always have a group but gdamn I knew ZK/SB would be the toughest fight but.. I had to do multiple attempts.

What's the trick here? I took off WoL and used Combo Strike Fsight + FoT: tc with cookie SW cyc Blind and serenity. NDE CS STI
Generally for groups I use the nirvana set up and I can fight either one solo no problem.
I finished them on fifth attempt, killed ZK and Seige was at about 60% proc'd enrage right away.
Skillwise --- what do you use.. please do not post on gear current =/ uber gear.

Thank you.
If you still having trouble add in ally to tank siege for you while you down kulle.


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