FREE and Permanent fetish army!!!

Witch Doctor
This might be widely known by all and I'm sorry if this is posted else where but forgive me as I'm new to the WD.

When playing with the skills, I've noticed that If I cast fetish army I will have them randomly spawning in differing numbers during my gameplay. What I've done is after casting them and cool down, I replace the skill on the skill bar with Gargantuan and then cast the Gargantuan. What happens is that the fetish army do not die off completely.

I run around playing the game as normal but with zombie dogs, the gargantuan and randomly spawning fetishes even though the skill is no longer on the skill bar.

Does anyone know why this happens or what influences the fetishes spawning?

err, those fetishes are from your Fetish Sycophants passive, not Fetish Army.
Oh, damn, told you i was new :)
So so shame. Maybe I should read my skill better. Thanks people!!! :P
Imagine if he had a Giddbidendenaden, free Fetishes for all!!

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