Gear Giveaway

So I've accumulated a lot of gear while set building and since I don't have enough time to do full set giveaways nowadays, I have a lot of gear that needs owners.

Please message me if you're a beginner barb and I'll hook you up with some useful pieces. The caveat is that you'll pass on the gear when you upgrade instead of selling it on the AH.

add me in-game: Frontsquats#1885
Proof that I'm new is that I don't even know how to properly message you. You can take a look at my gear and surmise if I could use some help or not. Hell all I really want is a damn sensei to explain what to do to reach mp10 comfortably.
still got lots of starter skorns, lacunis, BT chests for giveaway

emphasis on starter.
sent u a message :) thanks for ur help!
Thanks for your awesome giveaway! It helped me a lot!
if you happen to have a lacuni upgrade for me i would love it.

im low on AR and its forcing me to stay mp6. im willing to pay (bro discount?) and/or trade you my lacunis.

I give away all of my old gear to friends or new barbs. and even today i bought a 60m EH for someone.

i cant find lacunis that are less than 1B :(
@ Mack i don't have an upgrade for you bro

As I said, emphasis on starter gear
I'm working my way to 60 on my Barb. If that5 qualifies ;)

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