Diablo 3 Install Data from disk on PS3?

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09/09/2013 11:51 AMPosted by Mathaddor

There are many other threads were people complain about the PS3 disc loading problems, but we have more chances if keep using only one.

I have done a research on the forum before posting my post... Didn't found anyone that was explaining nor doing a suggestion like this post. Still the thing is, they need to consider and resolve this problem ASAP. Thanks everyone for your +1

What I meant is that there are people complaining in other threads, but not a thread that specifically addresses the issue like this one.

Not sure why they didn't at least have the game perform a partial install to reduce the load times. When you're trying to banner to your party who is in combat and needs you, there's no time for load screens!
Thing is that as soon as the PS4 version is out... I'll get the digital one... I won't repeat my mistake... Again would be cool if they do what Square Enix has done with FF14 on PS3 - A free upgrade to the PS4 version for people owning the PS3 one!
Seems to be a sound loading lag issue. At least install the audio files.
I want an installer to!
+1, We ALL want this lol
Yes yes yes

This has got to be the noisiest disc I've played on my PS3 yet.
That can't be good for marathon sessions.
Not that I have time for that anymore, but it's the point
bump sadface
Do it blizzard. That'd be great.

This game seriously needs to be able to install some or all of the game onto the HD. The load times in this game are PAINFUL and the audio lag really takes you out of the experience.

Perfect example: Every time I kill Cydaea (either solo or in a group), her 'death scream' isn't heard until 10-15 seconds after she's dead!

Not to mention the constant spinning of the disc/shifting of the laser. This is definitely the noisiest game I've ever played on my PS3.

Not sure what the logic in having the entire game run off the disc is....
Come on Blizz! We're already sold on ROS make the physical copy holders download the digital for free!
I downloaded the digital version last night, my disc drive is shot
My D3 disc created the most noise I've heard in the past 4 years playing my PS3.
It sounded like an old 8x disc drive on PC playing Dragon's Lair lol
Yes would love to see a digital download available for folks with the disc. Would make this alot better

this needs to be done. come on, I bought this same game 2 times already PC and PS3, let the cinematics play from disc, but other parts should be possible to install on HDD

Agreed, at least give us the option for an install

So damn quiet in my apparment, that Blue ray is loud reading constantly! Im pissed i bought the Disk Version... I own the pc version as well.... and never seen a loading screen in my life!

But it so crappy, as far as drops go and gear.... that the Ps3 version is much more fun.... But now i have loading, crashes, noise..... and 480 gigs free on a hard drive!

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