Challenge Series: The self found

The premise:
Here is a fun gaming challenge for you do do while your all out power leveling and grinding away to that p100 xpac starter.

In 1 hour of game play, try to build a Wizard gear set (and i guess a skill set that will work with the gear) only from the drops that you got in that 1 hour of game play.

Maybe you will get a leg drop or a whole host of rares to build with, you might have to plug some gearing holes with blues or even whites you never know. That is the challenge, from 1 hour of farming what are the best gear builds that you can make from what was dropped???

The rules:
  • Gear must be farmed in a 1 hour period
  • All gear for the set must be from drops within that 1 hour of game play
  • You must gear for your Wizard no making a barb set because str items dropped for you - tuff !@#$%^s pal.
  • You may use any Hero you like, because i want you to keep leveling and having fun
  • You may play in party however there is no gear sharing between members - it's only what drops for you - it is the self found after all.
  • Obviously no AH... i can't believe i felt i had to write that, my faith in humanity is not high it seems.
  • You may use any quality of items that are lucky enough to drop for you, be they legendaries or just a nice superior dagger, all is good so long as it's an in game drop from your run.
  • You may enter as many times as you like
  • You cannot farm for 5 hours and make 5 sets comprised of the total salvage of those hours. So you can't use items from hour 3 for your set in hour 1 kapish?
  • ------------------------------------
    The meat and potatoes:
    This is a for fun challenge series so we will work on the honor system; please folks it's not a competition of sorts so no need to compare epeen or eboob sizes here.

    Post up the set you have here, either in your profile or you can spell out the gear in text form, but preferred would be a d3up saved profile so that we can see the gear set in our own time and that way you can respec back to your badass self at anytime and we can still check out your awesome self found set.

    So just post up here, lets have a laugh or a woooh.

    The idea came from a chat with MrDuMa about building an all blue set but finding that the AH just isn't populated with the blue gear that you need or would like, so this idea sort of popped up and i think it would be fun to share with you all. I can't play too much this next week so i will be more forum troll and would love to see what people come up with for this challenge.

    No particular stress, no real time lines/dead lines - just when your out there slaying some dumber then troglodyte goatmen and loosing the will to live as your xp bar refuses to move maybe take a little break and distract yourself by having a look at what you might be able to build in an hour. It will take your mind off the grind and maybe when you finish with your gearing you will look up and see that you popped a new plvl without even noticing. Time flys when your having fun ;)

    Best of luck to you all may RNGesus be with you.
    I dropped all the gear on my wizard in 40 minutes.

    Jk! Sounds like fun.. I'll give it the 'ol college try.
    09/08/2013 07:44 AMPosted by Melkor
    I'll give it the 'ol college try

    lol is all i ask - it's just for a bit of fun and as it's not a comp it can stay alive for ever as anyone can play anytime they feel like it.

    also i noticed you "dropped" all your gear from the main wiz... i guess no gear is a gear build too lol.

    Just by the way the set i have on now is not from 1 hour in game drops lol - it's a ultra budget give away set i'm working on for MrDuMa's thread.
    09/08/2013 07:44 AMPosted by Melkor
    I'll give it the 'ol college try.

    This sounds either heaps seedy or "experimental".. which can also be pretty seedy.

    I'll try making my blue set first before I do your challenge. My stash and inventory is all full so yeah.. also, it's hard to even get 2.31APS with blues from AH at the moment. Currently 2.2APS with 16CC (lol). Build mechanics are the same and still work on MP0, but the dagger isn't doing enough damage :(

    Will probably have to drop to 2.01APS (or whatever the break point is) for more damage.
    Okay, farming done, time to build a set...

    Powernadoprisms with unleashed and astral presence.!Xgb!YaaZYZ

    15k DPS
    1.53 APS
    14.5 CC
    50% CD
    17 APoC
    131 max AP
    330-452 RA
    3350 armor
    74.85% mit
    57.7k HP
    229k eHP
    1427 LoH
    2.8 LS
    928 HP/sec
    12k HP from globes
    23% dodge

    I got super lucky find 3 high LoH items and 2 APoC items. The sever is nice. The CC is w/ scoundrel. I killed 1 blue pack and 2 nasty (for an undergeared CM) yellow packs on MP5 without dying, took about 20 minutes though. Kills MP1 decently well though. Really sucks when deep freeze runs out which is why you pretty much ogtta play on MP1. All in all, I think I did pretty well.
    haha not a bad haul for 1hr. I'm sure someone will get heaps lucky and get something decent. After all, Amos did specify that you can enter as many times as you want.

    Still, nice LoH and nice HP!
    haha thanks, it barely functions but like I said, I can stay alive on MP5. I should have wrote "terribly geared CM" instead of "undergeared CM" probably.
    Doesn't matter what you call it, I was impressed with "HighBeams".

    My blue set barely functions in MP0 lol
    wow ChangBooster, very nice and impressive sustain stats, high loh high ls and even a decent dollop of lps. Those belt and boots are actually pretty nice to and that sever for the deeps lol awesome.

    love your dedication to the CM spec too lol i honestly thought it would be all hydra bliz lol... i wonder if an arcane mines would work with this challenge lol?...

    MrDuMa, no stress on the sets n all take your time do what you wanna do first, the all blue is challenge enough and your most the way there so might as go all the way. I'll just be sitting here chilling trying to work anyways lol so D3 is on the back burners!dge!ZaccYb

    Ran a little of that on it @ mp1 also and it worked really well, super slow and sustain wasn't as good at the WW build but it is what it is I guess.
    yeah thats a cool skill selection too, little left of ordinary :) - the main thing and perhaps surprise is that fact that hey - self found can actualy be playable on inferno and i'm sure if you actualy play normaly and not in my 1 hour limit then you will slowly find upgrades for sure.

    I'm actually really surprised at the playability of a entirely limited self found scenario - i am going to try and find 1 hour in my day today and give it a whirl see what i can find.

    edit: i am also thinking of opening this up to the console version also to see what thats like... but it may be cumbersome as i'm not sure if you guys can upload into d3up and typing out your gear stats can be a hassle :( anyway we will see.

    If anyone has suggestions for the challenge let me know ;)
    Here's the gear that I found:

    I was feeling nostalgic, so I recreated my old disintegrate build that I used before I started using archon:!XcU!aZbcZa

    Unbuffed 11k dps, buffed 15k.
    Unbuffed 161k ehp, buffed 221k.

    All I have to say is that damn, is this what it was like before I 'roided up and got over 400k dps? I tried to do MP1 and a trash mob butchered me. Holy crap. I can understand the dozens of people coming on to the forums asking for gear advice now.
    Your pants and belt are pretty good. I think the bigger problem lies in people not understanding builds and having no idea how to gear for them.
    oh nice Colossus running the tried and true sword n sheild i remember having a very early setup similar to that but i used wof and calamity in place of your buffs for the skill build... but then that was pre lvl 60 lol so things died easy enough.

    Okay my head is about to explode form all the work and i got a writers block so the report will have to wait till later tonight - right now i'm jumping in for my Hour of Power!
    Okay guys here is my 1 hour build

    20k dps
    180k ehp // 350k ehp buffed
    14.5 crit chance no scoundrel
    168 crit damage
    1.3 aps lol
    365 res all // 600 buffed
    79.65mit // 89.35 mit buffed

    my skill set:!UXh!YYccba

    I went with my burst damage leveling build because i like it lol, you blades it up and disintegrate 90% of the time and pop your bombs when you can, then when archon is ready you can do a tripple whammy of bombing then liquify.

    It's really only mp1 viable tho you can survive in mp3 a little with some pro kiting. It's a very mobile and technical build because of the no freeze so you have to manouver alot and make sure your popping skills when ever they are ready but it's fun and for low levels it's a fantasticly fast leveling build - if you switch out prismatic and UA this is a viable lvl 30+ build really - looses alot of it's punch in inferno tho.

    Overall i think it okay, hell if it does inferno it's alright in my books - i'm particularity happy with my wizard hat - wow :D

    can't wait to give it another run and see what i can find lol.
    Wow... shoulders, pants, boots and weapon are all pretty decent.

    Of course it's not optimised but for 1hr farming, it's not bad at all. I'll get on this after I give away my Slorak set tomorrow. Need the space!

    I think I'll have to switch to Archon for my blue set... IAS AND CC is too hard since they're both prefixes :(
    yeah - at least with archon you can focus more on cd then anything else - blues are stupidly hard to build with lol intense limitations.
    I will definitely try your challenge if I get the time tonight. My stepsons first football game of the season is tonight, so it will be later on. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. My Monk has mostly gear I have found or crafted over the last few months, and she can survive on MP10, but doesn't have the deeps to do it in a decent amount of time. If I get EP on a couple of elites and trash and it pops all at once it's pretty good, but I have a lot to learn in the Monk dept.

    So I take it that it's a 1 hour farming session with your geared character and then gearing the same character with what you found in that hour? I just want to make sure I understand correctly.I think a blue item set is a fun idea as well. I always wanted to do that in D2 but never got around to it, and I do think it would have been possible to actually have something viable.

    I am actually thinking about rolling another Wiz and going completely self found with her just to see what I end up with. It would be a nice change of pace from the grind. Dolynick had a good idea to do a run through the entire game on MP10 which sounds cool as well.
    09/09/2013 06:35 AMPosted by Hub
    So I take it that it's a 1 hour farming session with your geared character and then gearing the same character with what you found in that hour?

    Thats correct - you can take any fully geared hero you have to farm. I farmed with my wiz on mp10 with panda and yori for 1 hour (basic act 1 clear) but i only use my own drops i.e nothing that dropped in game for panda or yori. Then i just slapped the best of the best gear i found onto my main Wizard and went testing for a tiny bit see what i could run and that was the set i posted up.

    No real restrictions to play or hero lvl, it's about in game drops ;)

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