Looking for some ideas on gear upgrades

I feel like I'm lacking damage and that it might be my gear holding me back? I can do MP6 pretty well but everything after that is a pain. Any ideas at all would be awesome weather it be gear wise or build wise just looking for some info! Thanks!
Craft amulets of STR and shoulders of VIT

Get either an IAS skorn or lifesteal skorn. If you get a lifesteal skorn you can change the bloodthirst passive to something that would give you more dps.

attack speed needed on both rings and on gloves if you can

lacunis with crit chance.

24 AR on your pants is a wasted roll. Go for a high VIT roll instead - or a split STR/VIT roll - or a high AR roll. But 24 AR is a wasted roll.
Okay thanks a lot I'll go look for some stuff on the AH now

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