New monk..came back after quitting for a year

Hello monk community,

As topic says, I quit d3 a year ago, decided to come back..of course servers dont work when I do, go figure...but I decided on a monk with ultimate goal of doin MP10...

If you look at my char, you will laugh at the crap thats on it. Havent bought anything, havent updated any skills, havent done anything, because I dont know anything about monk.

I have seen a few names thrown around as helpers, !@#$%^-*!@er and alpha, and I could use some help...builds, items, and so on. If anyone has some spare time, and wants to help me eventually reach mp10 in the distant future, let me know.

I have about 700m gold to use to gear up also.

Thanks in advance for all the help!
i'd still say .. it's best for you is to read the sticky. Then you can decided what you want to do .. like you want 2H? .. DW? ... etc. Then you go from there .. learn the build you like then gear. My 2 cents.

Welcome back!

Oh I agree and I am trying to sift through a buncha posts in all, theres just a ton out there its a bit of an overload. I guess I dont know whats optimal for what I want to do.

Thanks for the welcome though :)
i can make you a cain set if i can log in ... add me if you want them. I find it very helpful when you learn the class while leveling .. dont get caught up into all the builds @ 60 yet .. just learn all the spells then worry about builds later when you hit 60. Anyway if you want a cain set for extra xp .. hit me up in game and i'll make you one .. when the server's up .. if not .. then tomorrow.
yea man, once you hit 60 you'll kinda have an idea of what skills make playing monk fun and make it functional. once that happens we can be way more helpful. but see what makes it fun, for me i really got into popping all the defensive skills and figuring out different ways to survive and kill the bad guys.
That would be great! I gave up last night with the servers, home now from work, im loggin on, ll add ya.

thanks guys

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