cm help

Can some one tell me what stat iam lacking
for higher dps.thanks
Yeah that is pretty low dps, allot of things I see need to be fixed. First off You have no cc on your Mempo, and I would recommend going to a socket weapon. for starters.
You gots no crit hit damage, bro! With the heavy crit stacking the build requires, CHD tends to be the biggest dps booster of all. Get some on your gloves, rings, and ammy and you will see a big spike in your sheet and an even bigger spike in your edps. A socketed wand with an emerald like WolfMonger suggested would do the same.

EDIT: Hellfire is gimping you. Ditch it for something better and get even more XP/hr anyway when you are farming higher MP at faster speeds.
1.63 APS weapon or faster with OS will keep you at the 2.73 breakpoint, but will gain you a ton of dps. You're already in the middle of that breakpoint with your current weapon anyway so you might as well gain some dps.

You can replace your LoH ring with one having more dps, if you like, since you'll still have over 800 LoH. That's optional though because some like to play with higher LoH. I'd drop the hellfire ring though, and get a good CC+CD dps ring. With a higher dps ring you can raise the MP level which makes up the loss of the ring. Alternatively you can get an IAS+CC ring and drop your mempo for a CC SC, then switch to a higher DPS OH without APoC. That will net you quite a bit of CC, which will raise your effective dps. You'll lose a little survivability from dropping the mempo but the extra CC will be VERY nice (we're talking around 10% extra CC from the double swap). Alternatively, you can swap your hellfire ring to an IAS/CC ring and swap your ammy to a high CC+CD dps ammy, which will be more dps than the CD ring.

After that it's a matter of adding CD to various pieces.

Those are the main options I see, and I'll leave it up to you to decide which route you want to take.

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