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Since PS3's social part is kinda hard to use (I guess XB360 is about the same) and
no one has really started topics for gathering console players.
Let's make this the thread for looking for friends (PS3 Only)
I am guessing XBox guys will start a similar topic soon.

Anyway, Post your PSN ID if you would like to add friends.
If you want, you could post your progression too, so you can look for people who wants to farm same difficulty or ubers etc.

ID: yo-brio

Inferno Completed
PLv 3 SC Barb
Alkaizer runs
DPS: 153k
Armor 6038
Life 94.6k
I just bought it today, ill revisit this soon!
PSN - Ephixs

SC - 60 Monk - 80k DPS - 80k HP - Farming Master Level 1

I'm wanting to get all of the Whimseyshire items, along with farming keys, but I'm really down for whatever.
PSN - Brogettoku

SC - 60(3) Monk
168k Unbuffed DPS
60K HP
5700 Armor
~400 Res
PSN ID : Josephfreems
Paragon 7 Demon Hunter 151k Dps has staff of herding and keys.
PSN- Banelingg90

SC Witch Doctor 60 paragon 9

150k dps
80k hp
600 ar
3.3k armor

Currently farming modified alk runs in act 3 on master 3, Will be switching acts soon due to having about 5 or so keys of terror . Should be getting a mic as well soon hopefully.
PSN: Mr__Marblez

Level 60 DH with 16 paragon

200k dps (without Sharpshooter)
55k HP
I've been farming master 2 but I could probably go up to 3 by now.
thinking of purchasing the console version....if i do, will hit u up later....always loved group mode
Psn: drooidz123
Level 57 monk
71.4k health
35.4k dps self buffed.
Almost done with act 3 of hell then I plan to beat inferno quick, and start farming gear.
I have a mic, just looking to play with some people, all my friends either don't play or most of them have 360's.
Add me if you would like to play sometime.
PSN: RuinsYourDay

Wizard lvl 60 (5)
286k dps unbuffed 300k dps when buffed (took a lot of crafting and lots of luck on legendary items)
currently farm inferno and looking for 2nd set of keys now
have staff have extra gibbering gemstone
playing on master lvl 1 and 2
looking for players with mics only please or its just no fun
PSN Sestate

Paragon level 4 wd Farming master 1
100k dps
40k health
Psn id: mgborr

210k dps hota barb
75k health
Farm master 2
Have mic
Looking to trade as well
60 barb paragon 8
Inferno completed

Looking for rubber runs & staff of herding items

Started a barbarian just entered nightmare.
Have mic

lvl 53 WD 24kish hp 15k dps (I suspect I will be much stronger in the hour)

currently running through hell and I have yet to come across anything more challenging then 3 elite packs and a champ as I am trying to kill a treasure goblin.

PUZZLE RING FTW!!! Chance to spawn treasure goblin when hit!!

DPS 310k
Armor 6k
Hp 94k

DPS 574k (No i don't use Sharpshooter >.>)
Armor 4k
HP 84k

Paragon 27 last i checked i don't really pay attention lol but always down to farm with peeps just send me a message my friends list might be full.
bump for update and more visibility

125k DH plvl 5 atm

Farming keys, got the machin plan

Can craft cain sets too.

Found an awsome signet with 255dex and 4%cc
PSN Kedrik7

Demon Hunter lvl 60(10)
195K damage
4k armor
46k hp

looking for whatever (key farming ubber runs u name it)

3014k base DPS(goes to 3936k when first buffed)
Second buff brings it up to 8905k :)
8454 Armor
94.6k HP

Key farming
Uber Runs(take about 45s to kill on MasterV)
Whimsy Runs, I have infernal staff.

Have a mic!

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