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PSN: Robb_83

paragon 3 monk
77919k dmg
3440 armor

Down for anything. Hit me up!

Witch Doctor level 60 (1)
95k DPS

Inferno act 2.

I play around 1 hour/day in the morning.
PSN: xidrianx

60 Demon Hunter, lvl 9 paragon. 170k dps unbuffed. Staff of herding, have keys, and I play regularly. I have a mic.
I got a barb paragon 7 I am always looking for people to play with add me jarebare77
PSN: VampKiller

Monk 60(2), (234k dps, 5k armor 93k Hp (guesstimate as i'm at work))

WD 23(2)

Monk 1 HC

Right now i'm just lvling all to 60, but play evening est time... add me for play
PSN: rednender

Paragon Level 6
60 Monk - 170K DPS
60 DH - 100K DPS

Feel free to contact me, I always like playing in a group as opposed to solo.
At work
Add stats later and I'm glad I found
This post
PSN: robbiecheah got a 300k dps wizard but im trying to level my monk right now! looking for friends to do lots of uber boss runs!
WD DPS 261 3200/64k always down for new ppl to farm and add to exp and maigc find usually farm ACT 3 Mastery 1-3 .

Xbox 360
GT: Baphom3t
PSN Druud_King

Lvl 60 Barb Para 6 125k dmg
Have infernal staff. Up for anything just prefer to play in a group. Have a mic as well

60(22) SC Monk, farming in inferno Master5

100% legit
Have mic as well
PSN: riss246

Hardcore Demon Hunter

inferno completed just farming for master levels.

Have mic.

starting a hardcore Demon Hunter

i have a mic and will be on tomorrow night
I just started not too long ago.

PSN: Octofish

DH Level 48
Im running with a wizard paragon lvl1 im currently playing on inferno. my dps is at 70k+ and hp is over 45k. im looking to maximize mana usage due to what i like to use. any tips?
psn id: nyne_n_one
thats insane! any setup tips u dont mind sharing?

psn id: nyne_n_one
PSN ID: jimmyjohn195

SC-Monk 60 (10)
162k dps unbuffed
70k HP
4k armor
421 AR

Farming on Master 3

Inferno Completed

Have Infernal Staff of Herding

have 1/3 parts for Hellfire Ring, currently farming UBERS

also have

HC- DH 28 I think havn't played him in a couple days.
PSN ID: pinoynoir
paragon level 14
no mic
down for casual farming
PSN ID: MaikeruTHF
Plevel 49
SC - Monk

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