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PSN ID - Kildorn60

Barb 60 Para 16
Dps - 179k(Unbuffed) 257-277k(self buffed)
Health 77k
Armor - 9.9k

Witch Doctor (Leveling currently. Would like to group for leveling.)

Side note: I'm on every night until around 6am the next morning. Feel free to ask for help or even invites.

Keep in mind my stats change based on my gear I'm wearing and the difficulty. I'm currently farming M3 Act 3. I'm up to Diablo on Inferno but have no reason to kill him. I farm 3 keys daily unless I'm busy with College. Message me and I'll add you. My privacy settings are set to keep from getting spammed with FRs. Only Legit players please. Duping isn't a problem, modders need not bother messaging. I do have a mic, but I don't use it when I'm playing or farming with my wife.
My PSN is CatoMinor.

Have characters for every class stated. Lvl 60 Barbarian and Monk, also have a 52 demon hunter. I'm paragon 10.

Feel free to add me. I work on powering up paragon and lower characters, so I can help new players get along, too.
PSN is Olioster. I have several characters of varying levels.
Barbarian 60 paragon 3

PSN: Rakgnorr
60(11) Monk
60 Barbarian
60 Witch Doctor
60 DH

PSN: macattack480
PSN: React95

Monk lvl 60
paragon lvl: 54
dps: 967k unbuffed / 1160k buffed
Master 5 melts like its easy mode (they should get more mobs into console version!!!)

infernal staff for whimsy
Uber runs
Key farming

mic: yes

PSN: FortheNacho

Paragon Level: 33

Wizard Level 60
DPS: 321k buffed

Monk Level 60
DPS: 300k buffed

Mainly Paragon Leveling but down for anything.

Mic: Yes
Hi there! Looking for friends to play with, Currently and master 1 lvl and living in gmt+8 timezone.

PSN: Wolf_Khan

Lvl 60 barb (p8)

ps: i have been looking arnd, is there a need for mic when playing?
PSN: Jendryk-ca, starting over again mostly play hardcore

Add me and lets play!!!!

Geared Demon Hunter
Psn: sharpy2289
Sc: barb lvl 60 paragon 28
400k dps
PSN Qyebb
Paragon lv 18 (5/21/14)
Wizard 536k unbuffed 583k buffed
Barb 332k unbuffed 520k buffed
DH 254k unbuffed 557k buffed

Looking for friends that are actually willing to trade and help out. I farm keys to level paragon and also uber bosses every few days for chances on a better hellfire ring. Also looking for sages plight and demon skin plans of anyone has extras.

Please have a mic or at least be able to listen esp for uber boss fights as they can be a pain some time
Hmmm... not sure Lots of people pay attention to the thread or not, given how often i show up to look. But I'll throw my chips in see what happens.

PSN: UWMoogie

I have a level 60 demon hunter, at paragon 5. Looking to farm the heck out of keys, crafting plans and materials. Books mainly, lately since i want to get rid of all my low level gems.
PSN: SupertoastGT.

Please don't add me unless you have a headset. :D

Just got the game a few days ago. lvl 21 barb with level 10 of each class other than a monk.
PSN - JohnnyRockko

Lvl 55 wizard - currently leveling
Lvl 60 (paragon 8) Demon Hunter

Up for whatever. No mic here, definitely listen though.
due to myself not having gaming friends i tend to play with randoms and would like to add some diablo 3 people onto my psn and play with

PSN - William23320 send a request over and message

currently doing Act II mode Nightmare on Hard with Witch Doctor lv 42

still learning the game so help is welcomed

No mic
PSN: Skornenicholas

This is the character I just started and I am willing to repeat all of Act 1 if it will help anyone else along.

Level 13
PSN: Gladstoner81

Just started the other day, not much to do except progress through the storyline.

Playing as a monk, level 15.
PSN: GG_tamez1010

Had the game since december but just got into it again
Demon hunter lvl 30
Looking for some friend to play with i am on most nights from 11pm est to 3am.
Look forward to playing with you guys :)

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