How bad is the influence of latency in PvP?

I never have a latency bellow 200 ms and most of the time it is much higher (like 400 or more). It does not seem to make a big effect against most average players, but for really top level PvP matches it seems to make a huge difference (meaning no chance for me when I meet really good players). What is your experience with that? How low should latency be for tournaments like the ones organized by VC?

p.s. I am just trying to figure out if this is an important factor or secondary. Of course, it might just be that I suck! lol
Latency does affect the PvP experience.

In my view, latency < 100 is optimal. I too run at latency from 250 to 300. Occassionally at 400+ range.

It can be frustrating when using skills with limited AOE range:

- rend,
- fire bats,
- horrify, etc

With higher latency, the above example skills tend to miss your target even though you see them right next to you. But in actual fact, they are not.

Opponent with better ping also can hit you when they seemed to be out of the hit range.

Forgot to mention that I was with 2 Demon Hunters when they did a latency test. Both standing still and spamming Smoke Screen. With the same exact number of discipline pool.

The one with lower latency is able to perform smoother cast of the skill while the one with higher latency cast the skill at a much slower pace.
Thanks for the infos, Kira!

Latency seems to have a big influence in attacks that require good aim too. For example, impale (one of the DH main PvP skills). Very frequently I miss because the opponent is not where I see him! In DH vs DH matches, this makes it almost impossible to win, at least when your opponent is good and one hit is enough to kill.

Similar effect occurs against monks when they cast seven sided strike or wave of light just a few milliseconds before you impale them! Or when a barb rends you when you think you are out of range! This last example happens to me frequently. In my screen the barb is far away, because I think I escaped with smoke screen, but I still die from his rend.

I am starting to think latency could really be a very important factor in top level PvP.
Teleport with wormhole is effected by lag the most for me. You only have 1 sec to do as many teles as possible and you cannot do anymore after the first one if the system lags. Lag usually lasts more than 1 sec, which means you lose most of your bonus teles more often than not.

Its other people's attacks that lag me up the most, WD and Monk animations are the worst. As soon as some one starts spamming WoL and SB, I'm dead just from the lag it causes.
Looking at threads like the one bellow, I am afraid I will never be a really top PvP player:


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