Killing ranged with CoB ?

Witch Doctor
So... how can you counter this, mainly guys like the ghosts in festering woods. This is seeming very inefficient...
locusts, SB, SH, bears, whittle them down or ignore them
Suppose you mean in solo play. If you don't run pestilence (I don't use it all the time,mainly when running with good groups, using Horrify / FA instead for pubs / solo play), you can just reposition behind a pillar / tree w/e and cast CoB, they will most likely move and run into your death zone :)
Haunt/Draining Spirit works well. Good range, good damage, mana return, and click to aim, works great for me.
ignore stragglers, not worth your time, they will come after you if they feel inclined
Here you go, Topic 2 on techniques

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