Need help with next purchase

Witch Doctor
I have 1.1 billion to spend on upgrading doc and was wondering if anyone had any advice
i have a few suggestions for u:

new zuni marrow

any armor or life%

trade black thorns for rare pants

all resist
2 sockets

upgrade the 3 gems in ur chest to radiant

craft shoulders and bracers. u can get a huge ehp and dps upgrade from nice crafted bracers and there not the hardest to craft to get something decent. u will lose the move speed but imo it will be owrth it.

u could also roll nicer crafted shoulders than what ur wearing now.

higher dps skorn. maybe look for something with 1350+dps with 300+int and 180+ critdamage with 5+ life steal.

i listen them in order of importance at least in my oppinion.

the upgrade to vit on ur marrow will compansate from the drop of some vit and life% from the black thorns pants. but u will gain mitigation and possible more ehp in the process just from the pants and chest upgrade.

if u roll crafted bracers and shoulders ur ehp could jump hugely.

with the pants chest and bracers upgraded u could be looking at a upgrade of:


70+ ar
200-500+ more armor
0-200 more vit
dps upgrade

the pants and chest shouldnt cost u a bil either u should be able to find pants in that range for 200-400 mil for good ones and the chest about the same maybe cheaper if u go for lower int on it like 150 benchmark.
Iwas just looking for pants and marrow. Im gonna go shopping now. RIght now I can only so mp 10 act 1 and I want to start working towards act 3. Ive been crafting bracers gloves and shoulders every day so hopefully soon will get some good ones. The pants have been my biggest issue because of the amount of life I lose when I get ride of them but Im going to start looking now. Thanks for the advice.
So I followed your advice and im feeling great and I still have 400 mil to play with
yea that looks alot better. if u end up crafting som decent bracers u will be perfectly fine.


bracers liek that will be a huge upgrade for u. it might not say alot for a dps upgrade but u will be hitting harder with the huge int boost. plus if u roll 50-100 vit on them ur health will jump over 60k. ur ar and armor is looking decent now so if u can craft bracers with both thats awesome if not just worry about getting ar on them cuz ur armor is good.
also in ur build where ur at now ehp wise id say u can drop jungle fortitude or horrify or even both. if u want to stay with a deffensive passive then use spirt vessel. but i suggest dropping jungle fortitude for gruesome feast. u dont need jf and gf will be a hughe dps upgrade and ehp upgrade everytime u grab health globes. and u have pur on ur boots so its def worth doing. trust me when i say u will notice a huge difference with the addition of gf.
i just jumped in a mp 10 game and ran through it quicker then I ever have. Thanks for your advice. I still have 300 mil to play with. Should I just start saving or should I get a new skorn? Cause right now Im a 100 times better
I actually just sat in poison and molten and kept kicking butt. I think i might almost be mp 10 ready
09/13/2013 03:02 PMPosted by sdubdubs
I actually just sat in poison and molten and kept kicking butt. I think i might almost be mp 10 ready

:) good job. as for ur question about buying a new skorn im honestly not sure how thier prices are ive never really searched them and i dont use 1. if u could get a substaial upgrade for 300 mil(like a 10k+ dps upgrade) id say do it, but if u cant for 300 mil id say save it.
I got 1 for 200 mil that gave me a 16k boost. Im now finally over 200dps at like 209 760 all res 4000 armour. I just need to craft better gloves shoulders and bracers. I was just running through act 3. I used to die in two secs. I actually lasted half way through a run before dieing
also my vit is only 58k. But with better crafting will come more health. Plus I have all kinds of stuff to sell now to get more cash

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