Help please, lost.

Hello, I have returned to D3 after about a 6 month break or so. I quit before the density changes where enabled.

Anyhow, I was playing HC only, but where I live now has terribly unreliable internet, so I decided to play SC until that can be fixed.

I need help with how to gear my wizard. I've never played a wizzy before, and don't have much gold.

I have the gear she's wearing now, and only about 10 million gold. (might as well be 0)

And Ideas what I should aim for to gear up so I can do a couple levels higher of MP?

I can currently run about mp2-3 without many problems.

I'm using Archon at the moment, but don't like it a whole lot. But I know I DO NOT want to play a CM wizzard. I'm open for pretty much any build that is not CM Perma freeze, or w.e.

Any gearing advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
The big question is do you want to continue using Archon? Because if you don't , that will change the advice you are going to get for gearing.
I'm fine with using archon. What I want for this Wizzy is to farm paragon, maybe some items/gold in preparation for the expansion. If archon is the best for that, then I'll use Archon.

But if there is something more effecient for less gold that I could set up, then I would want to go with that.

Just a question of money I guess, I'm very poor by SC standards I would assume.
Archon works pretty well for xp farming.

For archon, I would get rid of either the lacuni prowlers or the innas pants. You have three items with 12% bonus MS, and bonus MS is capped at 25%, so it's a wasted roll. Also, both inna's pant and lacuni prowlers are kinda glassy, so using razorspikes of int or blackthorns pants will increase your survivability by quite a bit.

Also, grabbing a 1 handed black weapon and a triumvirate should boost your dps.
You can build a fine Wiz with 10M. Just need to read the budget archon threads and then go shopping and be smart about your purchases.

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