Ring, Mojo, Helm

Witch Doctor
If I change my helm to Giyua, ring to SOJ, and mojo to SOS, will I notice a significant performance increase? Maybe change weapon to one with mana regen....
I do not think you would see any significant performance increase if you swapped to those items. Where you will see significant improvement is if you were to get at least one item with pickup radius. Grave injustice works off of PUR so you need it big time since you have none. It would be tough to do this without losing out on some dps unless you got some gold to spend. You can of course craft it on bracers and shoulders but that is difficult. You could get it on your boots while keeping the all res, or get a TotD with as high stats as possible to match your snake. Either way it should be worked in, even 5 yards will do since you are standing in the middle of mobs with CoB.
I added 7 yards of pickup radius on my boots. Definitely an improvement. Thanks for the tip.

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