How did you guys do it?

Because I already have the gear, and my wizard is 60/100 I am making a new wizard to transfer gear and start over again for paragon points.

I am currently level 40 in nightmare just finished act 1. I hate with a passion act 2. None of my friends are on to powerlevel so would it be stupid just to powerlevel act 1 MP10?

Or should i really just continue to act 2-3-4. I know when my friends get online they can kill Diablo for me so i don't have to worry about not having the check point to open up Hell and Inferno.

What would be the best way to powerlevel without having to go to act 2? Mp10 Act 1 nightmare or MP1 Ponys?
get some to give you a3 WP problem solved. or add me if you still need help.

oh and can i haz your chee- hamburger?
lol all the Experience gear i have on including the hamburger is my friends. Along with the sword that i can now use because im 45. Check the sword is amazing lmao
If your first Wizard is only p60 there's no reason to start a second one. The number of paragon points you'll get in RoS will be based on XP, not paragon level.
pretty sure 60/100 means (lvl)60/(plvl)100
If he's p100 then yes start a second one, I did and it's already over 50.
A bit of gold (5million) can get you top notch lvl 60 gear with -18 level requirements.

I had 30k dps at lvl 42 up until 60, it was hilarious how fast everything died while leveling my second Wizard.

You can sell the gear once your done.

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