So, Apparently WoW Is Even Easy Nowadays...

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I haven't played WoW since maybe a few months before MoP released (so, maybe over a year?). A few days ago I activated a 10-day trial though just to see what was up...

The first major thing I partake in was a random MoP dungeon. I expected people calling me out on my low DPS, many deaths, and needing some fights explained. My gear is maybe on the edge of being "ok" enough for basic Cata raiding too. Should also mention I'm a Ret Pally, and also have very little idea as to how to even cast my spells too (I didn't self-heal or bubble throughout the entire run either).

Got through the dungeon without problem, in total silence. Not a single word was said by anyone throughout the entire dungeon. The tank pulled, damage (myself included) attacked stuff, and the healer healed. Boss fights? Tank and spank (if that's the right term). I did die "once" though, from what I assume to been from me standing in something I wasn't supposed to, but it was right at the end of whatever we were fighting. Within 3 seconds after the dungeon ended, everyone left the party.

I'm a bit surprised by that result. The dungeon was "Temple of the Jade Serpent", and I have never seen or heard anything of this dungeon prior to that run.

Surely the rest of MoP is in no-way that painfully easy?
Normal mode 5-man dungeon: Yes, easy. I haven't personally done any heroics or raiding on any of my characters, so I can't speak to that.

Nobody talking in random dungeons: Been that way since Cata. Pretty much the same in LFR also. Not really sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I don't like people. On the other hand, doing something in a group should be a social experience. Right now, everyone just treats the rest of he group as AI followers.
Wait, hold the phone...normal dungeons...easy?..
Spoiler: they added challenge modes for dungeons
if you think you're such a hot shot.
But i'm guessing from the sulkiness of your post
you're one of those guys who cried about how
difficult the Oculus was hahahaha.
So apparently the Boston Marathon is even easy these days...

This is because I walked really briskly to the shop the other day to get a soda. No one said anything. I just left my house, got my soda, and got back. Easy.
But i'm guessing from the sulkiness of your post
you're one of those guys who cried about how
difficult the Oculus was hahahaha.

Couldn't tell you what the Oculus was :p

I like a challenge lol, was just "really" surprised as to how... non-challenging that dungeon run was.
Yes they made it stupid easy now due to the backlash from Cata. It's intended. Even heroics are dumb.

The answer comes in challenge mode which you have to group for, but doesn't offer you loot! I still haven't done challenge mode although it is apparently hard.

I hated the change to dungeons and another reason why I hate this xpac and quit.

I can't stand the fact that we have to cave to the lowest common denominator. I enjoyed cata dungeons through the finder just fine.
ya, you had to have a pulse to do heroics
in cataclysm, couldn't sleep through them...
especially that one big one...i forget the name of..
most people quit aftering the fire elemental boss
owned them a bunch of times.
Normal dungeons have always been easy. Alright maybe not in vanilla what with 45 minute Stratholme and such, but for the most part they've always been pretty damn easy.

No, you don't judge WoW's difficulty from normal dungeons.

You judge its difficulty by trying to get a 2400+ rating in arenas (3v3s specifically) and/or rated battlegrounds, getting Gold medal awards in Challenge Dungeons (they're a lot harder than the heroic versions and all gear you have will get downscaled to the appropriate level; there's no gear advantage in there), and doing heroic raids.
All mmo are. They made questing so easy that you do not need to read the content to complete the quest.
Easy and not actually requiring parties is what has pushed me away from MMo's. MH3U is my new game of choice.

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