Technical Support

22h Hearthstone bug I'm using iPhone 5s to run Hearthstone. I successfully downloadeded the latest patch a couple days ago and have run it fine since. As of this morning, whenever I try to launch Hearthstone the game indicates I need an update and opens the Apple Store with Hearthstone pulled up. Due to I have already downloaded the latest update, there is only the option to 'Open' the game. If I click this it goes back to Hearthstone and then I'm in a loop between the game asking for an update and an update not being possible to apply.TheMarsVolta0 22h
22h HS On Mobile Another 750 MB update. For what? A few bug fixes? Blizzard, why do you love to eviscerate our phones? And I have to get this off my chest as well: I have a Galaxy S7. It's an incredible phone. It has issues with the game at times and devours my battery. I have a solution. Could you enable a quality setting, as was created for the pc version? You know, low/medium/high? I don't care about watching the Shadowflame animation or Brann floating down from the sky. I just want to play without issues. Thank you.MyrTariniel1 22h
23h Infinite loading So today I decided to play some Hearthstone, but this infinite loading screen is not allowing me to. Is there any way to fix it? 23h
23h Lastest patch,battlenet can't update I wanna update my hearthstone to the lastest patch, however, my battlenet can't seems to update itself. It stuck at 0% update & not updating anything. I'm running on windows 7. Please helpPsikyo0 23h
1d In battle net I cannot choose my champion I click on a champion for blizzcon and it won't select them any help ?lOoRAZEoOl0 1d
1d I can not find the new version in app store I can't open my game on my iphone. Because the game says I should download a new version, but the app store do not have the new version, what is this happen?Steven3 1d
1d Latest version on app store Anybody else having problems getting the new update on App Store for I pad and I phone? Says it needs update but when it goes to store, no update looks available.Unclehorace4 1d
1d Latest iPad build prevents log in/play Whenever I try to log in (or play) it says that there is a new version and takes me to the App Store. The App Store does not show a new version. (It gives the option to "open" not update, and the Updates tab shows no new updates.) I uninstalled the app, restarted the iPad, downloaded the "new" (same/whatever was in the store) Hearthstone, and it still won't let me log in, it just keeps taking me to the App store and telling me there's a new version.Ariel2 1d
1d "Waiting on another installation or update.." After installing the Client beta, I cannot install the Hearthstone beta. where the install bar is it says "Waiting on another installation or update..." How do I fix this?DrewciferDK45 1d
1d IPhone bug? Hearthstone isn't working on my iPhone? Says it needs to update but can't update?AllenZ3 1d
1d new version I can't open my game on my iphone. Because the game says I should download a new version, but the app store do not have the new version, what is this happen?Steven9 1d
1d Iphone 6 cannot update from app store After the patch is out, I was able to update the game in my desktop. But I don't see the patch in the app store. My desktop crashed/disconnected during play and I pulled out my cell phone and tried to re-connect. It keeps showing "there is a new version please tap here to update" but after going to the app store it just shows I have the latest version and hence I couldn't get back to the game. Because of this I lost a ladder game when I was R3 5 star... #%$@#^@#$%@#%@#$%Jord3 1d
1d Hearthstone crashes when I open it I run scan and repair and it fixes it till the next time I play the game. When I get the message saying that it crashed it refers to some folder. Any help?Donnybrook5 1d
1d Not having the one TGT pack from choosing the Champion I remember reading that we will earn our first pack just by choosing our champion for the Blizzcon. But I don't seem to have it. (I do have one TGT pack, but I bought it because it's rotating out of standard and it cannot be bought again. So I know that one unopened pack is the one I bought previously and not from earning via choosing a champion)ColdFire1 1d
1d Hearthstone won't update after latest patch. Every time I try to update the game, I am again and again confronted with the same problem. I have tried deleting app cache, re-installing hearthstone and, and using the agent. None of them work. Any help would be appreciated.MediumBen14 1d
1d Cannot change servers while logged in Cannot change servers from the program while I am logged in. I have to log out then change my regional setting before logging back in. I used to be able to change servers while logged in. For example, I am playing HS in the Americas server via PC while logged into the Americas server. Everything loads and works as HS should. But when I close HS and try to change regions to Asia from the program, HS will just show the loading screen and stay like that. To change servers I have to log out of, change the regions setting, then log back in. Only then will HS work as it should. And I have to do this every time I want to change servers. It is very tedious logging in and out just to change servers. I preferred the way it was before. I hope this is not a new change with the recent patches. Any help would be appreciated.Cyan0 1d
1d can't challenge friends anymore For some reason I can't challenge my friends and vice versa. The button is greyed out and says waiting for them to return to main menu. They are at the main menu and we have never had this issue before...Bilefloat2 1d
1d Can't spectate friends on laptop Able to spectate on phone app, but not on laptop. Everything is updated, been through scan and repair- no fix.kayrayray0 1d
1d Change servers To whom this may concern, Good day! I have been playing Hearthstone for probably about a year now. Unfortunately, being from the Philippines, I accidentally started in the Asia server and am continuously playing in the same server. I did not expect that majority of my play mates do not speak English. I would love to play in a server where majority speaks English so that I would be able to add and converse with some of those I play against as I wish to learn more about their play style in order for me to become a better player. I wonder if Hearthstone support would allow me to change servers (from Asia server to America server) and keep all my card collections for a small fee?SNS4 1d
1d Gaming laptop can't run hearthstone properly at low graphics. I recently bought a new laptop because of my work and studies. I installed hearthstone but surprisingly, my laptop can't handle it very well even though it can run more demanding games.Why is that and what should I do? Gtx 960M 4GB 8 GB DDR4 Intel i7 2.6 (up to 3.5 with turbo boost)tunedspartan2 1d
1d No bonus stars At least 6 consecutive victories without bonus stars? Normal?ebaynaud2 1d
2d Can't load into games Hi, Lately my hearthstone has been starting as a very small window, and then when I attempt to connect to any game the opponent finder continuously spins. I do not load in to the game, and if I exit the game and reboot, it does not connect me either, and I am given a loss. Very frustrating bug, any idea how to fix?Monsoonz5 2d
2d Stuck loading after arena payment was accepted Im stuck on a loading screen after making payment for a new arena match? I am using android mobile. Never had this problem in the pastTonguePunch1 2d
2d There was a problem processing your payment I keep getting an error message when I attempt to buy anything in Hearthstone. It says "There was a problem processing your payment. Please use a different payment method or contact your payment method provider" at which point it prompts me to the website to change my payment method. According to my bank there is no issue with the card and it should be processing just fine. I'm wondering if there isn't an issue with my account by chance or if this is an issue on Blizzard's end. Any help would be great. Thanks!Xanthious8 2d
2d Account blocked after purchase packages Hello, I made a 40 packets purchase in-game store, it was approved and received my package. The next day, when trying to log into the account, I get the information that my account had been blocked. I tried to use the support, but have a question there'll never know answer (player or favorite team) since I created the account a year ago and I have no idea what to put. I would like a help to elucidate the case. I like the game, including was spending with him. But I think unfair the customer to buy, it is approved, receive the product and then appears that your account has been blocked. Total lack of respect for those who give support to the game. I'm waiting.Zwinsky0 2d
2d Cant buy Packs I just want to buy a welcome bundle, Someone please help.Monsterjj0 2d
2d Hearthstone Lagging/Delay Issues (Pc) For the past couple of weeks my Hearthstone has been really lagging and having bad delay issues. Whenever I play a card it takes about 3-4 seconds before it registers, and the animations always lag and constantly glitch. When i go to attack, it takes 3-4 seconds before I can target an enemy minion and such. I am wondering if there is any solution to changing this and hopefully fixing it! Any help would be appreciated!Enactic20 2d
2d Remove or Hide Hearthstone from bnet? How do I remove or hide this stupid game from the list of games in battlenet and its news feed?Smirk2 2d
2d Can't start Hearthstone When I try to start Hearthstone, I get a black screen and after a while that screen turns into a white screen and after that, computer says Hearthstone does not respond I've tried to solve it by installing it again but that didn't work. This problem started 4 days agoFrostyFeet5 2d
2d Account Rollback My friend played hearthstone on tablet. He reached level 20 on priest and got some cards including Cthun. After he logged on PC he was rolled back to level 11 on his priest and most of his cards from packs disappeared . Now no matter where he logs in to HS he is still lv 11 on priest without with only basic cards. He is angry now and stopped playing HS . I rly wanna play HS with him so can you please help me with it ?Soelas2 2d
2d Long launch time, and then "You were disconnected.." Hi, I downloaded hearthstone recently and when I launch the game, I get a long pause (with a windows spinner) and then the game loads to "You were disconnected form hearthstone..." I suspect this has something to do with recent changes to windows.Crixx1 2d
2d I cant play in America Region Hello I am from Romania, i can play in Europe and Asia Region, but i cant play in America Region. 2d
3d Issue with crashing once hitting play I am able to get on to hearthstone and do everything but hit play and get into a casual or ranked match. I never had any issue with this until today. Ive tried at least 8 different times. I get this message.. opps! The game crashed. The crash report folders named "2016-10-19_072748" next to the game executable. Is anyone else having this issue?Billythekidz0 3d
3d C'Thun If my C'Thun is steeped by a mage and then dies, can I not use the resurrect C'Thun card? Just played a game where my C'Thun was killed and it looked like he was shuffled back into my deck when I used Doomcaller but got to the end of my cards and he wasn't there.Megabytes2 3d
3d Game crashes when starting When starting my game gets all the way to the gate, it shows the setting button on the right and my friends that are online on the left, then it crashes to a black screen and goes right to my home screen. I have tried redownloading the game and no luck. I have never played on pc before but I am able to still log in to blizzard. Any ideas?Blizzzzz0 3d
3d Missing Cards The other day I made a purchase of 40 cards and initially only opened 3 packs. The next day, I opened the other 37. When I went to revise what I had obtained, I was upset to find various cards missing, in particular a legendary and an epic from my first 3 packs. I am now assuming that I lost everything in those first few packs. I called Battlenet and obtained a complaint order number. Supposedly there are another 500 or so that have made a similar complaints (not the same cards, but cards missing). Hopefully, we will be reimbursed with dust or equivalent cards...Santi76 3d
3d "Waiting for authorization" in game shop I tried to make a purchase of card packs, almost 2 months ago. My phone disconnected from the network and when it got service again, i got waiting for authorization screen. The issues is, its been like this since that day. Ive read the forum topics and on reddit. I have tried everything that is supposed to work, however, none of it has worked. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled Hearthstone 3 times now and it is still the same. I can not play arena or buy packs in game on mobile, or on my laptop. I really need some insight on how to fix this. Can someone please help?Dookie280 3d
3d Can't switch resolution error game crash i'm constantly getting this error: Switching to resolution 2560x1080 failed, trying lower one Switching to resolution 2560x1080 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: could not switch resolution (2560x1080 fs=0 hz=60) i've searched around, yes i can reset the game settings on the client, and yes the game works then, thing is, i don't want to play hearthstone fullscreen on my 25060x1080 monitor, i want to play it on a lower, windowed resolution, on my second monitor. i use to be able to do this just fine, heck i could even rescale the window by grabbing the edges and the game would just adapt, now all i get is crashes.Rhavi0 3d
4d Forgot email but i know password and BattleTag My battletag is Pony#11508 help me plz?Pony1 4d
4d Error code 10200244 I kinda assumed it was fixed - but NO. I'm trying to buy the new wing and of course having no success with it. I KNOW the code means my bank refused the payment due to wrong CVV code - but the reason it did so is because Hearthstone DOES NOT ASK FOR THE CVV CODE WHEN MAKING A PURCHASE. This is not an user-side problem I can fix... unless you're willing to send some techs over to teach me how to fix Hearthstone client myself, I guess.Cainite9 4d
4d Client 3-8 second freeze after queue After I click "play standard/wild" the client freezes for a little bit and then continues on as if it never happened. I have 0 issues anywhere else in the game. I saw it happen to Reynad last night 10/12/16Aeruthus3 4d
4d TYRANDA priest Omrakos plz help me to do twitch prime plz i want that skinReallyGZ5 4d
4d Lag/Freeze Issues - Footage Included Hello, ever since I started playing Hearthstone, I have been having these issues on my PC. Often times, any action in the game (even highlighting a card) results in this lag or freeze that goes away in a second or two. It is very annoying and can cause a lot of problems when you need to cast a spell at the correct target or when you need to play under pressure. So far, I have not been able to find a solution, so I am making this topic and providing a link with footage of the issue, I hope it helps. 4d
4d Hearthstone keeps crashing. So, I play hearthstone a lot. It's probably my favourite game to play right now. But this crashing will not let me play. What happened, is that I logged in to play on my phone (usually i play on computer but since im on vacation, im on my phone) and for no reason, it starts telling me about the year of the kraken and the whole update/card expansion that came out in May which ive already seen. When it gets to the screen where it says, "try to switch to standard" (from wild) and i tap the icon to switch to standard, the whole game crashes, and at one point restarted my phone. Ive restarted my phone, turned it off and on, re downloaded the app, and nothing works. It makes me tap the icon too, i cant just not tap it to get out of it. Im sure that if i just log onto the computer, go through the whole thing its showing me and play, and then go back on my phone it will work. But i have no access to a computer right now and this is all i really have to play in downtime on my vacation. Please help.Yolle228 4d
4d Hearthstone Client Killing Network It's been 6 months now and I'm fairly convinced that the Hearthstone Client is actually responsible for my internet connection issues. I NEVER have connection issues when playing ANY other connected game, via my PC, Xbox, etc., but as soon as I start up Hearthstone and get halfway through a game, my client loses connection, my internet goes down for about a minute, and the game more-often-than-not freezes and thus can't reconnect. What the hell is the HS client doing?Miike3 4d
4d Game keeps crashing after patching to Hi, Lately after patching to version, my hearthstone keep crashing after 15-20 minutes of playing. Once the crashing starts, the crashing will continue even i restart the game. I have collected some logs and send upload the logs if necessary. Hope that Tech Support can assist. Thanks!Ixion1 4d
4d No sound in hearthstone Guys i have tried EVERYTHING to fix this. There has been no sound while playing heartstone on my laptop for weeks. Its not muted, nor is blizzard or anything. All other apps/youtube etc plays sound. Uninstalled and reinstalled both heartstone and blizzard. Tried ctrl+s and ctrl +m, tried headphones, tried everything. No music or sound from heartstone whatsoever.AmeliaLorna1 4d
4d Problem/Bug cards collection. Hello , i just talked with Ravenkurd , from assistance in battlenet , and he brought me here . Here is my problem , i bought alot of packs , and accindetally since im a veteran and i do everything really faster , i disenchant cards i needed accidentally , cause i realized it 2 late but since i do it faster i clicked in an empty point in the game like in the window desktop to skip the animation , and cause of this i didnt saw i disenchant cards i needed , I really , REALLY , need a solution for that , since i've always supported blizzard . Cheers- SuchBeastSuchbeast1 4d
5d In App Purchase not delivered A great game ruined by a very poor IAP system. I have hearthstone on my android tablet. I had made 3 purchases. The first card packs went through fine. 2nd arena entry got stuck on waiting for authorization. It took messaging customer service and hours to receive my entry. Then the 3rd, card packs. My account was billed but my packs never delivered. I had contacted customer service and sent them confirmation of the charge. I was told to contact google. I did. Google sent me confirmation of everything and issued me a refund for blizzard failing to send the purchased products. In my frustrations I have searched and found that this is a very common issue with the game. I had planned on buying the adventure pack as well. However until they fix the problems with thier IAPs I will not be spending a dime. Buyer beware. Blizzard, how can small no name developers deliver a product with IAPS that works flawlessly but you suffer so many issues?the4saken2 5d
5d Missing Cards I posted in the bug section but maybe i made a mistake, so i post here too. Today I am missing many double cards (one legendary included) all coming from a starter pack and 2 other packs i bought yesterday. I noticed it by viewing my potential dust from total disenchant today would be 125 while yesterday was 525. Please help. Thanks in advanceAntMagister2 5d