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Apr 26 Missing Cards Hi, I had all the commons, rares, epics and 95%+ of all the legendaries if not all of them, and i stopped playing for 4 months and now when i returned i noticed that a lot of my previously owned legendaries are missing, Please check the log file, Thanks in advance for all the help and i wish this will never happen to any one else. Best regards, CbhkenshinCbhkenshin0 Apr 26
Apr 26 Can't log in i press the play button and then i close the game, after that they won't allow me to log in, it say i already am playing the game on the heartstone tab in battle netPYromaniac2 Apr 26
Apr 26 Hearthstone withdrew money from my account. Hearthstone withdrew 10.61 from my account and I did not make the purchase or authorize it. Would like to know if it's a glitch or what's going on. I did not okay a purchase.ABCNitrogen10 Apr 26
Apr 26 FPS Loss after each move Like what the title says, am having FPS issue with the game. Basically what happens is that every move I make, the game stutters for like 1-2sec to finish animation. The weird thing is my laptop is kinda brand new, Asus G752 ( with Windows 10 as OS. I dont experience FPS drops on other games like WoW and Dota2, Ive only experienced the FPS drops on Hearthstone which I believe that shouldnt be demanding with pc specs but I guess am wrong since am experiencing this kind of problem. Fun fact: On my 5 year old laptop, I havent experienced any FPS drops at all ever. I have tried the "scan and repair" option, didnt work. Tried uninstall then reinstall, didnt work. Tried using compatibility to Windows 7, didnt work. Please help me out with this problem. ThanksPhil5 Apr 26
Apr 26 Whispers of the Old Gods. What time? Well its currently April 26th. Anyone know what time the cards are available to open? Hope this was the right place to post this.Treehighness1 Apr 26
Apr 26 Crashing on Windows 7. I updated my Windows client, then my Mac client, then my Android client. I disenchanted a bunch of nerfed cards on my Android client. Got home, tried to play on my Windows client, and it crashes every time I open up My Collection. Then I try to play, and it crashes during the queuing process. I opened it again, and it crashed as it tried to reconnect me to my last game. Logs are here: (it's a link for Apr 26
Apr 26 Connection error ("Playful Sprites") Hello, For two days I've been getting the "Playful Sprites" error every time I start Hearthstone on PC. On my Android it's running just fine (same account, same internet network). Internet is working normally for any other purposes, including gaming. I'm from Brazil and I'm unable to connect to any server. Things I've already tried multiple times: reinstall Hearthstone/; repair Hearthstone; change my password; turn antivirus/firewall off; restart my computer/modem; flush and renew DNS. I'm at a loss here. Any tips will be truly appreciated.Arthur11 Apr 26
Apr 26 Still no news about connectivity problems? I mean there are hundreds of people complaining that they are unable to connect to hearthstone for several weeks/months, that hearthstone closes right after trying to start it from the stupid launcher. There has not been one blue post regarding this issue. The problem started out of the blue, without any changes made by myself. Thats is also what most people are saying, so there has to be an issue on launcher/blizzards side.Swartan2 Apr 26
Apr 26 Help I Think I Deleted My Legendary Quest! I logged on to get my Old Gods packs (which are still unavailable). I checked my daily quests and saw I had a crappy 40 gold quest. I deleted it to min/max my daily gold and it popped into 2 new quests. Both new. I then realized today was supposed to have the legendary quest. Neither of these quests are the new legendary one. Did I cuss up?JoeChaney1 Apr 26
Apr 26 Stuck on spectator mode Hello, My friend was palying Hearthstone, I started spectating him for Watch and Learn quest. I got disconnected mid-game and when I restarted itthe spectator mode icon is still displayed on the lower left of the screen when I'm playing, even if it is a solo adventure or a ranked game (mobile device). I can not stop spectator mode but I can not spectate anyone else either to complete my quest. Can I get some assistance? I did a log out and relog and it did not work...BesSnow0 Apr 26
Apr 26 "Bug?" When Im in launcher trying to start playing hearthstone it says that the game is being launched but it wont. what can I do?omi1479 Apr 26
Apr 26 Entomb making Djinni of Zephyrs function. Was playing a game when I cast an entomb on opponents minion. Had Djinni in play and it also was shuffled into my deck. The card clearly states when casting a spell on a "friendly target" the Djinni get a copy cast on it. As the target of the entomb was an opponents minion at the time why did the Djinni react? Glitch or because the target became friendly because of the spell? Would like to know for future game play as if it is supposed to do this will need to rethink the deck. Thank you. Yours, John~SeabeeJohn1 Apr 26
Apr 26 Why did my purchase completely ignore my account balance? Pre-purchase old gods card packs. Had $40 in my account, thinking it'll take out the 40 and then charge my card 10. Didn't do that. Ignored my balance entirely. Why?Slannxe1 Apr 26
Apr 26 problem with purchase i want to buy the new hero on iphone, but i failed and can not stop the purchase. even now, i can not buy other thingsENTING1 Apr 26
Apr 26 How to create a ticket got the quest done for old murk eye, and it says to create a ticket to get the dust but all places to make a ticket lead to the forum. How do you contact a gamemaster?Kriskarate6 Apr 26
Apr 26 Newest patch update when I open app it automatically starts updating hearthstone like it should then says that there is a problem transferring data. I have tried again several times thought today and eventually tried uninstalling and re-installing, get the same message. What should I do?UltraBlue5 Apr 26
Apr 26 Forgotten Email - Recovery Hey there my sisters account name is BekkaXx#1593 and she's forgotten her email address. If you could help with the first and last letters so she knows which address it is, that would be much appreciated. ThanksStardown1 Apr 26
Apr 26 Captain's Parrot I meet all requirements to unlock this card, but it was not rewarded and still shows as un-craftable.AncientChild4 Apr 26
Apr 26 Old Murky Eye I have all the cards I need for Old Murky Eye but it didnt give him to me. Please Help Me!!! You guys said I have until tomorrow the 26th before the quest expiresCloudStrife8 Apr 26
Apr 26 Hearthstone will not update 5.0 on Amazon app android Hello, I went on Hearthstone on my android phone yesterday, pre-purchased Whispers of the Old Gods using Amazon coins. According to my email, the purchase went through on Amazon's side, but it said still authenticating in the game. Then it disconnected me and said I needed to update to current version. When I attempted to do this in the Amazon app store, the only option available was to open the game. There was no update available. I then logged onto the game through my PC and no card back, or showing of pre-purchased packs. Any help on how to update Hearthstone through the Amazon app would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!Lemede0 Apr 26
Apr 26 Patch as of 04/26/2016 I'm able to update it- but this is the third time in like 30 days that it's said that it's downloading over 1.5 GIGS of data? This can't be right... Are you guys getting these "huge" data updates every time the game needs to update? Today when I tried to log in it told me "the game needs to update", so I updated it... then it said it again after loading the game normally... and now it's downloading another 1.5 gigs. Other Blizzard games are downloading/playing as usual (Everything from OW to HOTS to WoW etc)- just surprised that in the last month and a half I've had 3-4 1+ gig patches... for Hearthstone... on my laptop. I don't have unlimited data, so just wanting to make sure before I push this 1.53 gig update through (again) that it's not something on my end?Peachy0 Apr 26
Apr 26 Constantly disconnecting Shortly after I start a match I will start disconnecting and reconnecting a few times then it will just freeze saying I am reconnecting but it doesn't do anything from there. This all started happening a few weeks ago. If someone could help I would appreciate it, thank you.Baktai4 Apr 26
Apr 25 Can't search for more than one term at a time... Since the search update patch was launched, I've been unable to search for more than one term. For example, if I type "taunt" it returns all cards with "taunt" in the text. If I type "charge taunt" it should return any cards with charge and taunt. Instead it returns nothing, as if no cards match my search.thirtythr331 Apr 25
Apr 25 Lost all my Druid basic cards Hello! I was just playing some Midrange Druid, then closed the app, (iPad) to check a text, and when I opened it again, half of my basic Druid cards were gone including wild growth and swipe. Fix?athegreat2672 Apr 25
Apr 25 Game crashes every time I tab-out during queue Hi, this bug has happened to me for about 3 weeks. Almost every time that I queue (be it ranked or arena) and I tab-out to, for example, google chrome, the game crashes and I have to re-launch again. This bug never happens when I don't tab-out. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Unfolder12 Apr 25
Apr 25 Didn't get win credit Just won a match against a control warrior, but I didn't receive any stars or XP. What gives?Aeon1 Apr 25
Apr 25 Heartstone for Linux Hello , I would like to know when the game will run on the Linux platform ubuntu 15.10lts + as it has for Mac User am and would like this information , at least one forecastMufuga1 Apr 25
Apr 25 Arena deck drops broken So my deck drop rate seems to have been lowered i need it fix so that arena is fun because i lose about 99% time to decks the get amazingly better cards during deck creation in arena... i have complained about this before and it seems each time i do you just lower my drop rate even further... please refrain from doing so for whatever giggly reason you are doing it... is not professional... please return my drop rate for arena deck creation to a level that compares to the cards i will be playing against aka normal drop rate. it seems to be a localized error with my account where i generally have had progressively worse cards every single time in arena over a 2 year span... I am a college graduate not a under age player so these are not hallucinations or rants... thank you!KTKadabbler0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Getting this error 2016-04-25_085208 The game crashes whenever I try to launch. Any tips how to rectify this? ThanksMelfTheElf4 Apr 25
Apr 25 Old murk eye requirements Idk if this counts as a ticket but I met the requirements for the card but didn't get it.FunnyBanana0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Captain's Parrot still says it's a reward but it's not I wanted to craft a last-minute Southsea Captain to be sure I got the Parrot before it was too late. I checked the card itself and it still said it was a reward, so I blew 400 dust on the missing pirate. Lo and behold, the Parrot didn't appear! The way it works doesn't line up with the way it SAYS it works. This imgur album contains the proof screenshots. I just wanted some parrots :(TMPChewie5 Apr 25
Apr 25 Game wont start on Ipad I have been trying to get the game to launch on my Ipad so that i could get the new Mage skin for several hours now, after waiting an unnaturally long time for the game to update I tried to relaunch the app only to have it tell me that there is an update available, which brings me back to the store, which tells me that I already have the latest version I stupidly tried completely deleting and re downloading the app which took an eternity thanks to my internet speed and the game still wont launch. does anyone have any ideas as to what else I could try?NineTails1 Apr 25
Apr 25 Amazon Hearthstone won't Update I just downloaded Hearthstone through the Amazon Appstore and after logging in, I am informed that "Hearthstone has been updated! Please download the latest version. Tap anywhere to update". Following the link to the amazon app I navigate to the updates page and it tells me there are no updates for Hearthstone. This is extremely vexing because I want the promotional Whispers of the Old Gods card back and have Amazon coins to buy the expansion, but cannot get into the game to make the purchase.Nietzsche5 Apr 25
Apr 25 Disenchant nerf cards I've just disenchanted nerfed cards like lore/FoN etc at 25.4. 2016 at 6:10 PM (UTC+01:00) and I got only 100 dust for each and update was already out, when I closed the game the patch just started to install after I disenchanted those cards. Is there any chance that I will get all of my dusts that means 400 for each? Tygjzhgjhg0 Apr 25
Apr 25 FPS Drops / Freezes at good notebook Heyho ^^ I've got a problem. I got a new notebook and can't play Hearthstone without regular frame rate drops and short freezes. Other games work properly, like Diablo 3 on high settings fluently at 85 fps. In between the frame drops hearthstone works properly too... Here is a video that documentates the frames drops. They can be seen at 00:58, 1:15, 1:37, 2:13, 3:06, 3:20, 3:56, 5:45, 5:56, 6:00, 6:20, 7:08, 7:13, 7:17... That is my notebook: Asus GL552VW Intel Core i7-6700 HQ CPU @ 2.60 Ghz, 4 cores 8 GB internal memory 64 Bit Windows 10 Home nVidia Geforce GTX 960M with 2 GB memory I already tried the following: - the problem occurs with the geforce, as well as with the internal chip. so it does not seem to have a link with the graphics card? - Windows is freshly installed, no third party software installed or involved. no decktracker or innkeeper. - Hearthstone is installed on my SSD. - All Drivers up to date, Windows up to date. - problems occor independently from Server I play on Maybe somebody has a solution. Thanks in advance! :)Ysuran4 Apr 25
Apr 25 Hearthstone loading animations only loading first frame When ever I launch my game this happens: I can move my mouse around and hear the noises of the tabs. If I click on one it takes around 30 secs and then loads the first animation of the page and stops. I have tried closing and restarting my computer and battle net. I re-installed my game and it has not solved the issue.Vclox2 Apr 25
Apr 25 On the subject of khadgar So I try to log in to hearth stone on a friend's iPhone on my old apple id from when I have a iPhone. After much trouble of it saying I needed a update bUT i could not update it due to a update not being a option. I finally logged in but khadgar was not purchasable; to my frustration. Being as it is still April 24th I would like to purchase it to support charity and get the hero.pepsidrink6411 Apr 25
Apr 25 Meet The requirements for the old murk eye but did not receive it I have crafted all of the necessary cards to receive old-murk eye and I did not receive it. I crafted all of the cards at April 25th as the standard format is not arrived yet, is there any solution for this?holy17 Apr 25
Apr 25 fix your connection blizzard evryone is loosing tons of games becuz you are too lazy to do something about your connection good job blizzard good job we thank youGamer4et00 Apr 25
Apr 25 Pre-purchasing whispers of the old gods with two payment methods Hi guys, I want to pre-purchase whispers of the old gods but I want to have my unused battle net balance applied to it. When I go to purchase in store, it shows that it's going to be taken in full from my default payment method. I do not see a way to set my battle net as the primary. Has anyone just had it work fine after a purchase? ThanksNintendude921 Apr 25
Apr 25 Wild Pyromancer behaving strangely The patch 5.0 changed something with pyros behaviour. Before the patch, if I pain a Haunted creeper with Pyro on board this happened: Pain--Creeper dies--1/1 spawns--Pyro triggers--1/1 dies Now this happens: Pain--Creeper dies--Pyro triggers--Creeper receives damage--Creepers dies--1/1 spawns This is the same with death and lightbomb ( even with Pyro dead, he still triggers), so the problem is with Wild Pyromancer. I really hope you get this fixed soon, because it weakens my deck incredibly and is not the way it is intended to be.Matzkops0 Apr 25
Apr 25 I have a problem with the istalation: Help me! When i open the ``, i wait a few seconds, and after this, it appears an error, who says:`Whoops! Looks like something broke(crashed)! Please try restarting dekstop icon app and/or your computer` And i did both steps, and it still doesnt work! Help me!NagaX0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Can't connect to HS (or any other game), can surf the internet No idea what's going on. Can't connect to any online game but the internet is working fine. I can download stuff, watch movies etc. etc. Lenovo Y50-70 laptop, Windows 10, Broadcom 802.11ac network adapter, can only connect through wifi, can't physically access router/modem (living in a rented room in student's town house) Errors: BLZBNTBGS80000011, BLZHSBGS80000011 - didn't install any software - up to date drivers - tried flushing dns - tried winsock reset - tried disabling firewall - tried disabling antivirus - tried opening HS ports - tried connecting through external wifi antenna (edimax 7711usn) I am absolutely clueless when it comes to computers, and even more when it comes to network problems. Help anyone? Please?Apo1 Apr 25
Apr 25 can't purchase Khadgar on iphone/ipad I tried to log out my hearthstone account or my apple account, and the problem didn't get solved. It kept saying "waiting for authorization" on the screen, and I couldn't close it!Aphrodite3 Apr 25
Apr 25 Cannot Observe or Challenge friends Since the new patch I can do neither of those things and my friends cannot do so to me either. Yes we both have allow friends to spectate enabled. Edit: They are on iPhone/iPad and I am on PC.TheUnderking1 Apr 25
Apr 25 Meet the requirements but dont have Old Murk Eye Hey, I never got a murloc warleader so I waited hoping to get one off of the free classic pack from brawl, but when I learned the quest was being disabled I decided to craft it for the free legendary. I did this after you guys explained that you were reversing it, but the quest never finished. I appreciate your reversing that too because I didn't relize it was being removed at all. I already had the parrot from before so that's good, but I'd like murk eye since I've never really been able to murloc yet. Thanks, PeaceChimp1 Apr 25
Apr 25 Not Responding After installing the new patch, when I try to open Hearthstone it says not responding at the start screen. I have scanned and repaired, but it said no items needed repaired. Is this a bug?Tyler1 Apr 25
Apr 25 Khadgar not available on MacBook? I just installed the patch, I see him grayed out in "my collection," but he's not anywhere in the shop. I'm on a MacBook that I just upgraded to the most recent OS.srahberry2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Can't remember sign-up email for Hearthstone on Mobile Hey, my gf signed up for hearthstone on a mobile device and set it to automatically remember her info. Unfortunately she had to re-install the game and forgot which email address she used. Her tag is magicgirl#1625. Would it be possible to know the service provider along with the first and last letters of her email address... Much appreciated.HappyHunting1 Apr 25