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Feb 27 Purchased Curse of Naxxramas yet its not unlocked in game So two days ago I had purchased Curse of Naxxramas dlc content and yet today it is still not unlocked and in game it still wants me to purchase the content??? In my order history it even says "complete". So I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if this is on blizzards end?Jwebby960 Feb 27
Feb 27 Big Red X and deck editor drek some have payed a lot to play, I freeeeking hate how your sorting and deck editor works.. one deck per class are you !@#$ting me. Then you add Reno to the mix and have to do 30 cards.. I love reno but thank god for my deck editor. Not Blizzards, so I can reload decks into the game. If I couldn't I wouldn't keep playing. But then I get a Big red x on all my decks? This needs to be fixed... I have yet to turn a card to dust that i don't have more than two of except Legendaries.. and them I keep one.. period, and all of the decks going down at once is ODD to say the least. Graphics are old but maybe the "team" needs to go look at MTG online on how it could be better.. 2016 and still can't get a good card deck editor in game..Harvester1 Feb 27
Feb 27 Freezes, freezes everywhere. Every single time I start the Hearthstone client it freezes. Once upon a time I had no issue playing they game, but now every time I attempt to play the game it freezes. I have Win 10 installed, and I am unable to do ANYTHING once the game starts.Rosebrock1 Feb 27
Feb 27 How to I restore purchases? How to I restore purchasesSilentskull0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Djinni of zephyrs bug? the card states, After you cast a spell on another friendly minion, cast a copy of it on this one, it seems whatever spell u cast friendly or enemy minions it also casts a copy also light bomb does a double trigger onto Djinni, shadow word death kills him when cast on an enemy minion, is anybody experiencing the same?Honeybadger0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Heasthstones times out randomly Since yesterday Hearthstone times out randomly for me, sometimes during the main menu others in mid match and login in to bnet takes longer than usual, this happens only on this game. I tested with other games that use a dedicated launcher and bnet is the only one with a delay. *EDIT* Just played 2 games for my daily, both times the game send a prompt once the match ended that it was completed and recorded, cant test it more i only needed 2 wins for the daily. Will update the thread tomorrow.s1raz10 Feb 27
Feb 27 Strange Bug When I was playing Hearthstone I won a game and for some reason, the game said I had unlocked a bunch of cards from Curse of Naxxramas, an expansion I have already completed. I figured this to be a minor bug and nothing serious. But when I went to buy a pack afterwards, the same thing happened but I couldn't get rid of it and had to restart my game. Anybody know what is going on?Ragnarthegr81 Feb 27
Feb 27 Can't Cancel Quest: no red X I'm on the Asia server, and it's not allowing me to cancel any of the quests. In the US and EU servers, you get a red 'X', which you can click to cycle an unwanted quest. That option is not available to me on the Asia server. I want to cancel a Watch and Learn! because I do not want to watch a "friend" win in Spectator Mode. I never want to do that: ever. Ideally, I could just opt out of ever being offered that quest because I'm never going to accept it: not ever. I hate it with a fiery passion normally reserved for birds tweeting outside my window on a spring morning.Zultan0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Help please I dont have problems playing HS on my pc ,but when i try to run the game on other PC ,it wont start ,there is message "CLOSED. The game was unable to log u in through bnet"VastoLorde4 Feb 27
Feb 26 Error when opening hearthstone.. I get the message: Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution, when i try to enter hearthstone. "Switching to resolution 144x0 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: could not switch resolution (144x0 fs=0 hz=0)" How to fix this ? Thanks!Lucas106 Feb 26
Feb 26 Hearthstone: OOPS, THE GAME CHRASED Hi, I tried to play Hearthstone, but I got this message OOPS, THE GAME CHRASE Can you help me to resolve this problemSilverHand0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Shop closed I have the shop closed, on my phone, I have used it on my pc and other devices but it's not working here can someone help me? I have done just about everything I can think of and it still not working Uninstalled the app Restored my phone Cleared dalvik cachethepresident3 Feb 26
Feb 26 Windows 8 Tablet Was looking at window 8 tablets to buy jst a cheap to play Hearthstone when Im at work, now i was going to buy ipad mini but then seen some people play on windows tablets. I have seen Acer Iconia W3-810 for cheap as was wondering if this would run it ok? CheersXxshenanigan5 Feb 26
Feb 26 Unable to connect, EU server only Hi, I have been unable to connect to the EU servers for the past 3 days. EU is my native server, but for some reason I cant access it. No problems with Americas or Asia Basically it gives me the "Oops unable to connect at this time, please try again" Any ideas? I have already tried re installing both battle net + the game thanks!Telith3 Feb 26
Feb 26 Iron juggernaut mine failed!!! I was playing my controlled warrior and widdled my oppenent all the way down to the end. He/she had no cards left, they have 9 health. I play the juggernaut the mine visibly goes to the deck. I end the turn. He draws the mine it shows quickly and disappears and doesn't go off. They win on that turn. It was frustrating. I was on a streak that will likely cost me several ranks before the seasons over.LeroyJankenz1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Bronzebeard doesnt trigger Echoing Ooze!!!! Like is says in the subject line! working as intended?Saynt0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Hearthstone Not Loading Properly? It seems the game starts, but is 'auto-minimized' to the taskbar where I can't get it to display. It's just stuck there, on the taskbar. I've restarted the game several times, restarted my computer. Ran virus scans. All seems well with everything except Hearthstone. is there an issue with the game itself that i'm missing? Thanks in advance.nullus1 Feb 26
Feb 26 card pack opening glitch i just spent 100 gold in a new pack of regular cards. whent to open and the game lagged out whdn i got back in to the app the new oack was gone and i have no new cards in my inventory. how do i get my card pack backDrThreat0 Feb 26
Feb 26 This sucks Getting disconnected from arena game at 9-0 and getting back without reconnecting to game I was at 9-0 again. After I lose the game after that I am at 9-2.. Seriously that sucks alot, why couldnt I just reconnect to game that I would probably win but getting lose from that.. Sucks really hard. Get your !@#$ together and #BlameHolinka.Dare0 Feb 26
Feb 25 Lag and disconnecting android device i'm having this huge lag, every single move i make, the game disconnects from the server and the reconnects. but i can't even play a full turn. before people say it's the internet problem i'm playing Blade and Soul on my PC using the exact same internet connection.Rjester1 Feb 25
Feb 25 Additional command line arguments I, for one, found ONE of the lines that might help other solve some of their black screen problems. For me though, it didn't really work out smoothly. I get a glitchy look in the intro screen and thats preatty much it. tried working my way through some menus etc etc....(Elite.Tauren.Cheiftain.? nah) BUT It may just work for others with the same issue. just go into settings, tick off the "Additional command line argument" box and copy paste the next line into the textbox. -force-d3d11 Hopefully this will help out others with the same issue. PS: I found this due to having the same issue with another game, so I figured I'd try it, and well... it kinda worked... right? PSS: Blizz should really come forth with the proper line for this, instead of trying to fix what aint broken to begin with.Oddrun3 Feb 25
Feb 25 crashes install when i tried to install heartstone on my mac (mac os up to date) the installer crashes when it says it is updating battle.netSilverHawk1 Feb 25
Feb 25 (resolved) HS is using up 70% of CPU after switch to Win 10 No probs on win 7, but when I went to win 10 (nightmare, that is) and suddenly it runs really badly. I do the exclusion (file and folder) thing on Windows Defender and that speeds things up a bit, but it's still a laggy horror. So i start up Task manager and it's at 99% CPU use with HS running from 65 to 80 of that. What gives? Dxdiag ...Anopheles5 Feb 25
Feb 25 Lost arena game due to leaving queue? Really not sure if this is a known issue, but just now was 3-0 in arena and queuing up for another game when I got a phone call. I hit cancel on the queue button which clearly was still spinning (hadn't slowed down), and got a helpful sprites disconnect message. Came back after the phone call to resume arena run and got message saying I'd disconnected during previous game and got the loss? Don't really care about the loss, but it's clearly a bug that needs looked at...BlueGlacei4 Feb 25
Feb 25 Opponent conceded and I was given a loss in arena? Hello, This morning I had an arena game where my opponent conceded, yet after the game I was given the loss. I am wondering whether this is a bug, or perhaps I somehow disconnected before the concede took place? ThanksBlissey1 Feb 25
Feb 25 Shop crashed I was purchasing the new adventure through PC, however there is a issue with my online banking. After I solved my mastercard problem, the shop crashed with two windows as Summary and Purchase Error while I tried to open it. And the following times when I logged in the game, the shop is still not working. Could u help me to solve the crash pls?Uruzu0 Feb 25
Feb 25 Rainbow glitches and crashed on Mac with no reconnect The rainbow glitches to game crash have been going on for well over a year now. I used to be able to reconnect but lately I have been losing so many games because I open the game again and it doesnt even attempt to reconnect. Why did Blizzard take this feature out? With such a game breaking bug that has been going on for far too long it doesnt make sense. Before I spend anymore money on an expansion I would expect blizzard to fix such blatant bugs that have been going on for so long. Is there an actual plan to fix the terrible code?TotesMagotes2 Feb 25
Feb 25 Missing a LOT of cards and Hall of Explorers Edit 5: Looks like they have a fix. ... Edit 4: Looks like they have found the source of the problem and are working on a fix. ... Edit 3: Looks like the password reset doesn't work. ... Edit 2: The CSR has asked people affected to try changing their account password. You can change it right back, but that might be enough to refresh your account and fix the issue. Edit: There is an issue with the game thinking some of us do not own the three solo adventures. Even the store shows them available for purchase. At this time, the only known fix is to open a live chat ticket, and let a GM go into your account to refresh it. That worked for me. Every single one of my decks has a red X over it. I went into my collection, and I'm missing all of the Naxxramas cards, all of the Blackrock cards, Anyfin Can Happen, Summoning Stone, and a lot of others. What is going on? I haven't dusted ANY of these. I just noticed it is showing as though I don't own Hall of Explorers, but I bought that with CASH.Cedric63 Feb 25
Feb 25 This topic is unavailable. I get this message when trying to reach my recent forum post and I cannot respond to the ticket in which i was directed to post on the forums about my situation. original thread: was this thread banned because the moderators didn't like it or whats goin on?Reported8 Feb 25
Feb 25 taunt on board and all minions attack face! Hello. I was playing and I had on the board a stealth minion with taunt. Logically, the enemy can't attack face with minions because I have a taunt in the way, but the game has some kind of bug and they pass the stealth taunt! Do you have some rule which allow this to happen? It's the second time when it happens to me!LazyFloW3 Feb 25
Feb 25 Can't join tavern brawl. On both my iphone and iPad joining tavern brawls hang on the finding an opponent screen. Any suggestions? I've tried closing the app, and logging out.DiligentNose0 Feb 25
Feb 24 Incorrect gold balance after in-game purchase Hi, I have 450 gold in my european account and after purchasing 4 packs (a bundle of 4 packs for 400 gold), my account balance was reflected as zero instead of 50 gold. I have contacted live chat, but the nice lady couldn't even see my pack purchases and can only see my gold balance as the final zero balance that i have.Rush3 Feb 24
Feb 24 iOS friend list Hey, Me and other people [who play on iOS] are regularly experiencing crashes when accessing [scrolling to be exact] in the built-in friend list of the HearthStone client [not the launcher one]. Is there a fix for this / can you look into this? I've tried reinstalling, etc. ThanksMindGames1 Feb 24
Feb 24 Problem when I enter to shop or arena This has been happening since yesterday. Every time I enter to the shop or arena, it gives me this weird message about trying to purchase packages and being rejected at the same time.,Yata0 Feb 24
Feb 24 Won match counted as a loss Hey. Just finished a match against a priest. He conceded I got the victory screen but it counted as a loss and I dropped a rank.TooRandom6 Feb 24
Feb 24 My friend forgot his login e-Mail but remembers his BattleTag Hi there.. I have a friend who used to play a lot, and wants to come back, but can only remember his battletag. I saw this post ( and thought maybe we could get some assistance. Siree#1644 is the account in question.RiZ3 Feb 24
Feb 25 Arena bug Hi guys I was doing arena run .... I beat a mage and he conceded. When I opened to play next game it said I've lost and all games and only game me one win can you please look into that...Kotenok2 Feb 25
Feb 24 Tons of my cards are gone. I log on today to play a bit, replace a daily quest, now all three are warrior quests. Awesome, my fatigue warrior is one of my favorite decks. I go into play mode and all of my decks have a big X through them. After a bit of looking I see that all my Naxx, BRM, and LoE cards are all gone, game can't find them at all. Even worse though I don't have access to dlc content anymore to even get all my cards back. GVG and TGT cards are still there however. I have no idea what to do and even tried looking around the internet for a little bit and couldn't find one. Please Blizzard don't !@#$ me like this.TheGiggitron6 Feb 24
Feb 24 please help me all my solo adventures desapear and all my cards of my decks please help meDavolol5 Feb 24
Feb 23 All of my solo adventure cards are missing I bought all the adventures.... HELP o.OMaskarade10 Feb 23
Feb 23 Adventure cards are missing I checked LoE and I still have the staff but all my adventure cards are missing from my deck.BobFriskit1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Quests not updating after win None of my quests are updating after wins. This is affecting both PC and Android. It started early Monday morning. I thought I was crazy when I first noticed. However, after about 6 or so games Monday night it seems to be affecting both casual and ranked. I've logged out of both and logged back in multiple times and that doesn't fix it. I even tried re-rolling one of the quests. That didn't help. However I have been getting 10 gold for 3 wins. Is there anything else I can try?IronKoi3 Feb 23
Feb 23 Help! Demon wrath inaccessible! Hello, I just realized I do not have demond wrath in my collection. I have completed all of black rock, I have also just played the Warlock class challenge again. Am I missing something here? Thank youmcrickyd2 Feb 23
Feb 23 Lost an arena game that i never entered I was playing arena and searching for an opponent, then the exit button disappeared so I know MM have found someone, but the scroll keeps scrolling forever so i have to quit the client and reopen it, nothing happens when i open it again, no reconnect to match or whatsoever, then i queued for another arena match, after i win that one i see that i had one extra lose, apparently i lost a game that i never get to play.jxm2 Feb 23
Feb 23 Surface pro 4 pen won't work in Hearthstone? Hey guys, Just wondering if there exist a bug when using the surface pro pen in Heartstone. For me, the pen works when moving around at the screen as a usual mouse but are not able to click/conform any actions. Any thoughts ideas how to fix this minor problem? When using my finger as touch, it works.såsensmoder4 Feb 23
Feb 23 In-app purchases For some reason when I try to buy anything on hearthstone a note pops up saying " in-app purchases are not allowed " anyone else had this problem? If so please helpPurematrix1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Arena Disconnect resulting in loss I was 5-2 in Arena. I queued up against a paladin. On turn 3 or 4 they played a River Crocolisk but the minion never showed up on-screen for me. The card showed itself, but never came out. So I hurried and closed the application and restarted it hoping to get reconnected but it didn't happen. I went back into Arena and I was still 5-2 so I queued up into a new game. I faced a rogue and won. However, when I came out of that game it showed that I was 5-3. This isn't fair!NightClaw1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Can't select 6 of my custom decks I have not been playing for couple months and now when I try to play I'm getting this annoying bug. I can only select Druid, Paladin or Priest decks for Casual or Ranked play. The others all have that ugly red cross on them. I've gone into the decks to verify they all have 30 cards in them. I've even replaced some cards to try and see if re-saving makes a difference. No go.Thucar17 Feb 23
Feb 23 Card mount for Heroes of the Storm So i finally completed my quest to do 100 battles in play mode and i got a notification that i got that Heathstone card mount...i was super excited until i found that my clients at Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm do not match (HS being on Europe and HOTS on NA) i was really there any way mount can be transfered to my NA account on HoTS or do i really have to do those 100 looong battles in hearthstone again? Please ;(MiniTurtle1 Feb 23
Feb 22 Hearthstone (Battle net?) - Skype problems? I noticed this just when I'm in a video call on Skype. Most of the times (not always) I can't open Battle net and, if Battle net is open already, I cant run any game because I'm getting this error Failed to initialize Direct3D. Make sure you have at least DirectX 9.0c installed, have drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration in display settings. InitializeEngineGraphics failedsciaracastro3 Feb 22