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Aug 16, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Arena forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Arena with your fellow combatants. Discuss your best deck-building strategies, epic winning streaks and your best Arena decks within – and learn the ropes from other Arena veterans! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Zeriyah0 Aug 16, 2013
8m Why would I ever spend money on Tavern? Edit - and by Tavern, I mean Arena! So I've been playing for a couple days now... why would I ever spend money to play in the Tavern? I got completely rekt 3-1. The 3 losses in a row weren't even slightly close... Does this game use the classic Blizzard match making system of having no match making system at all?SlimShot6 8m
2h Pieces of advice for new players Arena can be a real pain in the !@# for people who didn't have that many runs in the past and can be very irritating when you persistently manage only 2-3 wins/run. Here I want to expose a small collection of tips that I gathered during 800 arena runs with an average of 6.8 wins/run. ***No. 1. Watch streamers play it - I was personally following Trump. There are many other good arena streamers from which you can place your pick. -Whenever you are watching try to understand why that streamer made every decision, they will also point it out but sometimes you'll have to understand for yourself. -Sometimes, pick a matchup and pause the game BEFORE every hand that streamer is going to play, and try to guess what the best move would be. Then play the video and compare your decision with his and try to understand why (if it's the case) your decision is worse. ***No. 2. Drafting: Use heartharena -If you don't know what cards you should pick, then you can use heartharena. It's pretty good and from what I've seen, the app will ALMOST always choose the right card that you should pick. There are small errors from time to time(from my perspective) but only a few. So I would recommend using it. -During every run, try to remember all the cards that were used against you and screwed you. That way you can have your own opinion on which card is good and which isn't. For example: I initially considered moat lurker to be a bad card until I encountered it a few times and I found that it's not that bad after all. ***No 3. Mulligan -You would think that keeping only the least expensive cards during the mulligan stage is a way to go. But keeping four 2 mana cards is a bad thing. The way to go is to play on curve, so, if possible, if you have a 1 drop, 2 drop, 3 drop etc. it's the best way to do it. For example: If you have a 1 drop, a 4 drop, and two 3 drops and the coin, you can keep the entire hand because you can play your one drop on turn 1, the coin out a three drop, then play a three drop on turn 3 and then a four drop on turn 4. Usually new players would only keep the one drop and possibly a single three drop which can lead you into all sorts of problems. So whenever you mulligan, try to run a small simulation in your head on how could the game run on the first few turns. -Also, keep your cards depending on which class you are playing against. For example having a 2/1 against a hunter is a good thing because hunters struggle to get a ping on your 2/1, but mages won't. **No. 4. When to go face This is the bread and the butter of arena. Knowing when to trade and when to go face is actually the most important decision which actually makes the difference between a good player and a bad one. That's because if you go face too early and your opponent makes good trades, you'll eventually loose steam and ultimately the game. But if you trade too much, your opponent can get a board clear and gain lots of tempo. It's hard to explain when it's best to go face because it actually depends on that particular situation. You're eventually going to feel when it's best to go face but as a rule of thumb: -If you are out of cards but some minions on the board, and your opponents does have 3-4 cards at least. You can go face. That's because you're already loosing. If you trade in that situation, you'll eventually, slowly loose because you don't have cards to backup your board. It doesn't mean that you'll win, but it means that you have more chances to win that way. -If you have a plan to kill your opponent. Let's say you don't have lethal this turn. But if you go face now, you have lethal next turn and in this particular situation there usually some "if"s . So you must be thinking something like "If i go face now, I can kill my opponent next turn if he doesn't get a taunt" or "If he doesn't get a hard removal against my big minion" or "if he doesn't get THAT particular card". -Also, you usually DON'T want to go face when you outvalue your opponent. If your opponent is in topdeck mode and you have lots of cards in your hand, that means that you should never let your opponent any chances of recovering. So you kill every minion that he puts on the board. **No. 5. Don't over-commit This is a basic one. You shouldn't put too many minions on the board since your entire game is vulnerable against board clears and if you spit out all your hand on the board and all your minions die, you've simply lost the game. About 3 minions would be enough. **No.6. Play your best Usually your best minions should come out first. For example: If the board is empty and on turn 4 you can play either a yeti or a sen'jin shieldmasta, you should pick the yeti because it has better stats than the sen'jin and you could counter a lot more of your opponent's minions with him than you could with the 3/5 taunt. So if you have a big minion, and it's safe to play it, play it! **No. 7. Trade well I think it's obvious even for new players that a high-atack and low health minion should trade with your opponent's big minion. Also if you want to kill a minion with your minion, try to trade in such a fashion that you keep most of your minions alive on the board and ready for the next turn. But that's pretty obvious. **No. 8. Tempo Arena is tempo based. If you loose lots of tempo, it's almost impossible to recover. So try to keep the board challenged. **Final words -I've noticed that in arena the actually most important thing besides making next to 0 mistakes, is to try to know when to go face. This is the most critical part that has more than 70% impact on your win condition. So try to find out perfectly when that key point comes up, and profit from it. -As a side note: few of you might not know that in arena you are matched against a person that has more or less the same number of wins and losses that you have in that run. So if you are 0-2, you'll be matched against another player that also has 0-2 and the game is going to be easier because he either sucks at arena or he has a really bad deck. That's why when you have and 8-0 matchup, the chances are hard on you because you're matched against an insane deck which is maybe better than yours. -12 wins is pretty hard to get. That is because you have to draft a very good deck to challenge the other very good decks that you get confronted against up there. So don't get sad because you didn't ever get 12 wins, you'll eventually craft something good and you'll get it. Also, it doesn't matter how good you are at arena. Even if you make the best plays every single hand, you can't get 12 wins with a deck that sucks. Hope some people here will find this handy. Cheers!crs12decoder1 2h
3h Please stop weighting the expansions in draft Paladin draft in particular are hurt so badly by the dragon "synergy" that is offered over and over. It would also be nice to get either random packs or a choice/coin to get a pack in the shopWootWoot1 3h
6h Do you idiots still think arena is fine How many Blizzard @@**##%# riders left here? Arena is in the worst state it's ever been.AngryBes0 6h
7h Prince Mal..... Please ban him from Arena. He's fine in Ranked But he's totally overpowered in Arena. You're lucky to get one legend in arena and he gives you 5! He's also very common right now with the occurrence bonus.Malango10 7h
8h Druid is so strong these days. Do you guys agree? I rarely draft Druid, but my last two runs went 10-3, 5-3(I consider great at the level I play for now) and I'm currently sitting at a 7-2. Those beasts can get some crazy synergy and that Living Roots card is amazing. Having an Innervate or two is also nice, but you can get by without it. Raven Idol and Druid of the Fang are also great, especially with Huanted Creeper, Enchanted Ravens, also gotta give a shout out to Idled Grizzly, this guy can give you some great value. Are you guys picking Druid more these days, and having some great runs?TydiWhydi3 8h
9h The simple answer to the Mage Spam Dont pick mage! Grow some kahunas and do as i do when mage pop ups DO NOT PICK THAT CLASS. FFS people man up and dont pick a i win class. It takes 0 skill but it takes real skill to pick a different class and draft a winning deck. Every single person who picks that class is a pansy. Plain and simple.EpicTrollz8 9h
11h Arena is 100% pay to win, remove it! Back in beta i was trying to get better rewards for ranked play.. then well over a year later it got added. Now i say the only way to fix arena and make it fun again is to 100% remove the pay to win aspect. Since the beta i can tell players have bought as many decks as they possibly want and then scrap them until they get a crazy good deck to play, there is almost no loss to doing that, if you have the money. Then those players get to BM all they want because they are such great players.. I know this is blizzards big game now and they got to keep the lights on LOL, but I'm totally sick of every second game being vs 1-2 good legendary cards plus epics plus everything else that works in decks vs a mostly normal deck that would be scrapped by a player that spends too much money on the game. Surely they do well enough from this game to have arena be ONLY gold - to - play.Insaneo13 11h
12h Arena Is Rigged "Oh look, it's another whiny !@#$% on the hearthstone forums complaining about how they can't win hearthstone arena because they suck at the game, wah wah wha." Bet that's what you're expecting right? Well, no. I'm telling you that the hearthstone arena is rigged and bugged af. I have been monitoring my arena play very closely over the last month (about 8 runs) and have gone 0-3 in 5 and 1-3 in 3. And people will probably look at that and say "Well that's because you suck at drafting." And I do suck at drafting but NONE of these runs have to do with my drafting because every one has been played using tier lists, outside friend's help, and theory-craft (from a friend who regularly goes 8+/3.) And it doesn't matter what I draft, Dr. Boom, Ysera, Rheno Jackson, I never got 2 wins from these drafts. And yet players like trump and kripparian regularly run 12 win arenas, no problem. I have become thoroughly convinced that players that other people watch are given a HUGE advantage in arena over the rest of us. And no, it's not how I'm playing either, the friend I mentioned earlier with 8+/3 arenas played through with me and only got 1 win. Please, if you're going to post something in the comments, don't make it something like "you just suck at the game" or "ha, lol, u r do a sux noob", just genuinely give me advice on anything I might be doing wrong. I've tried EVERYTHING, arena is rigged and it's starting to become a huge waste of my time.CaptainPanda26 12h
14h MAGE F*$#K MAGES sick of this sh1t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!simas8 14h
14h Arena - legendary and epic cards odds ?? The last 5 runs in the arena I have not had any legendary (gold) and only one epic (purple), but I just lost a battle to a mage with 2 legendary. Anyone know why what or how this happens? Is it all luck? I wanted to call BS when he pulled out the second legendary.infidel00727 14h
23h More Arena Removals Well it has been a few days since they blocked a few of the powerful cards from strong classes and bad cards from the bad classes in arena. And it's safe to say that while it did help, the classes still rank about the same as they did before in arena. Though I think we could tweak just a little bit more. I think Hunter could lose the following. Acidmaw (I am aware that Legendary cards are very rare and removing this card won't effect much. However it is literally the worst class legendary in the game. And it belongs to a class that is already bad in arena. So giving it a shot to get one of it's other legends would be nice.) Bestial Wrath (This card is far too narrow and crowds up the Epic slot just like Lock and Load did. However you might at least considered Lock and Load. This card is never the pick.) I think Priest could lose the following. Silence (I feel like silence is just as bad as Purify in arena a lot of the time. You just can't waste a deck slot on something like this. It just never does enough.) Mass Dispel (For basically the same reason as silence. Rare is a nice slot for priest and this card is one of their worst next to Shadow Word: Horror.) I think Warrior could lose the following. Tentacles for Arms (This card boggles my mind every time I look at it. At what point in R&D did they just say screw it? Because this card leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)Captsillva0 23h
1d Remove Sap and Firelands Portal from Arena. ^Title. These cards grant Rogue and Mage way too much power in Arena. A single sap can win the game if its used to return a midrange/late game minion to the hand only for 2 mana. Firelands Portal can get ridiculous value, way too much for what Mages deserve in their current position.Armados8 1d
1d 2 win deck ;_; Why? I don't even know how this is possible but apparently it is. Had such high hopes; so sad now. Not sure how it went so horribly wrong other than blaming rng cards/matchups . Maybe you guys can point out something I am overlooking? The deck had a fair share of gimmicky/combo cards which wasn't ideal but the curve looked decent enough and there were a lot of really good cards to make up for it. I struggled in every game from pretty much turn 1 nothing was working out. Barely won the two that I did ending at less than 5hp in both despite having lots of taunts and a healbot. - 1st loss somehow didn't draw anything playable until turn 4 after tossing everything. - 2nd loss mage does some strange play with moat lurker into his damaged minion into mirror entity which when died spawned 2 minions for him -_- I didn't even know it worked that way and I'm pretty sure he didn't either lol. Millhouse from his shredder then sealed it. - 3rd loss completely crushed by shaman winning the joust with the 1/2 jouster then following up with the 3/3 weapon (he rolled the spell totem which I couldn't kill off because the weapon was killing everything ugh) and every card typically run in ladder midrange shaman (maelstrom, spirit wolves, totem golem, the 7/7 and then I was dead. Like really? I feel absolutely violated now lol. At least I got the cold blood common card now. I really needed that......Pzypro5 1d
1d Please fix matching Was at 6-2 with a pretty mediocre rogue deck and played against an absolutely ridiculous druid deck. Added the dude to ask how he got 2 losses with it and he said he was 6-0. I don't care if I have to wait, I'd rather wait for a fair matchup than get matched to someone who's 6-0 when I'm at 2 losses. I've had it before where I was at something like 3-1 or 3-2 and played someone who was 7-0 with an insane mage deck before too. Having to wait more than 10 seconds is way less of a problem than ending your entire run because you just get randomly matched against someone way ahead of you in the bracket. I'm sure there are enough people playing arena at any given time that a match can be made within 30s-1 min with someone who is at least only plus or minus one from your score. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem but it's pretty frustrating. Seems like something that isn't complicated to implement and doesn't affect arena balance but would make arena more fair. Even if it only happens one in every several runs, if it's run ending it's incredibly frustrating.FlatDude1 1d
1d Unequal stats matching Hi, I have asked couple of people after arena run what were their stats where they were running against me. I was at 0 win 2 losses I've gotten one 2 win 0 losses and one 3 wins 1 losses against. So basically HS didn't match me with equal stats guys. Do you know if that change is recent? I was used to think the matching should be equal. Maybe they don now a bit like casual play mode where they consider how you have performed in your previous runs?UlysseFR14 1d
1d So you're 13 picks into Arena and... ...I was wondering what some one else in my position would have done. Playin' Rouge and my deck had a pretty agro curve. 4 1's, 2 2's, 5 3's, a 4 cost, and a sprint. Then I get presented with this choice: Nat Pagle, Troggozor, or Ragnaros. Quite curious to know what someone else would have picked in that position.Ziltoid3 1d
1d Arena prizes I just got my first twelve wins in arena earlier today. I can not even begin to describe my hype. I had to smoke every two games just out of the stress of being 7 8 9 then 10 and one. Then i got my eleventh win. I told my friend i wanted to smoke again before the final game to again calm my nerves because the most me or any of my friends had gotten before was seven wins. I played my twelfth game in my afternoon adventure having started out dreaming the Ragnoros i drafted would be enough to get the big one two and to be so close. Game twelve was a loss. However.. I still had one more chance. Starting what i knew was the final game i was wigging out bouncing back and forth hands trembling afraid my hand would be bad or i would make a mistake. Nature rose against this high tier class mage today. The druid rose to protect the forest from the fires of the careless spell slinger. After admiring the magnificent glow that ornate key. I took my victory cigarette with a hype that could not be anchored. After standing on my deck with my friend letting the glory and overall accomplishment sink in i went back inside to see how my prize would compare to that of all of the twelve win GG EZ streamers and riding the hype train thinking i would get a nice golden trophy of one of the legends that had its own legend behind its creation. The 340 gold i got including the guaranteed gold was more than underwhelming along with the instead of saving the forest it was more along the lines of well there is still one tree left. The single pack with a bad common and golden inner fire did not help either. I had a baloon filled with excitement and in five clicks i let it go and it flew away and i just sat there watching it out of my reach going in to the sky into the stratosphere. I know the rewards are random. Here is the problem that i have. I will probably never combine my skill with luck and get twelve wins again. I am sure a lot of people only make it one time. Blizzard it is my wish that you make this right to me personally. I love your games. I have gotten all three starcraft twos. so that is like six starcrafts. played the first one when i was a child on nintendo sixty four along with command and conquer. Im not mad at you im just dissapointed and at the very least i feel you should make it to where when someone achieves twelve wins you guarantee them that trophy with a story behind it. We are !@#$ing nerds man my twelve arena wins and magic the gathering prerelease wins. beating starcraft 64 on brutal that is all we have. Dont let someone be this disappointed again. Make sure they get that bragging right card so they always remember the time they got that big 12 in arena. If not one every time. at least the first time. Make it one of your hidden quests and have it unlock a random legendary that can not be disenchanted that is golden. do something. please frands. and if you acutally read all of this here is your reward. panda poop. <---- i bet you were not expecting that. thank you for reading. I am going to go cry about a digital card game now because i am a cry baby :.)ICKxSPITTER12 1d
1d Heartharena stuck at verifying configuration Anyone know how to fix this?Mrgarkill0 1d
1d hearstone worst arena Hellloo i hawe guestion for this game for example in arena i build warrior and chose five cards with weapons .when was game play in deck left only 10 cards but stil,l holly sheat i do not hawe none waepons cards in my hawhy enemies hawe always beeter cards. second guestion when you change warlock skill for drawing the cards the spare two liwes and get card it wery good skill and alot noobs build deck wwwwwwith low cards . P.S yes my english bad maybe some santence do not understand but dear blizzard try someohowe change this arena game becose sometimes better byu card deck in shop for gold but not play in arena where useleess spend time and become nerweus . i think this game programed what others players always hawe cards wwat contratac your cards .Warchieforc2 1d
1d Getting arena losses from DDoS attacks Can we make this not a thing? Just had a 12 win run killed from your inability to keep your game workingDub2 1d
1d Oh, the luck! Wow, just wow. I used to have this impression of Arena that it was a bunch of mediocre cards with no synergy going up against each other. Well, this run has been insane! Let's see... where to start. How about 4 Firelands portals? Okay, that's boring, I agree. But what happens when you add in Atiesh Medivh's Guardian? We're getting a little more interesting now. Some time ago I faced Dr. 6 in Arena. Well this Dr. 6 I just faced was even more impressive than the last one (3 best secrets up on turn 6). Again, 3 best secrets, but he had already played a secret on turn 1 and played another avenge on turn 7! How do you have minimum 5 secrets in Arena and Dr. 6? Well, surely I should lose this matchup, right? Well... let's just say I very begrudgingly selected eater of secrets at the end of my draft among some other horrible choices. Well, yeah, I had Eater of Secrets in hand on turn 6 and ate his noble, competitve and avenge and ping'd his dr. 6 to have a 5/7 facing down his 6/5. He Uldaman'd my 5/7 but he was no match to my follow up Mana Wyrm, Fireball, Illusionist. When the Firelands started coming out it was curtains. I added him to talk about the match but he didn't accept. Wish I had recorded it. I think I'm 6-0 at the moment. I've had so many amazing arena games, but this might be my best deck and that may have been my most scintillating match. Here is the decklist: 1d
1d Upvoted Responses in Arena Announcement So I read some of the top rated comments in the announcement blue post from a couple weeks ago about these arena changes. It gives good insight on why you should not have high expectations when it comes to changes now, or in the future. If you play alot of arena, your main concerns are usually something to do with class imbalances or class distributions. However, if you read the 10 top rated comments, you'll quickly see that the majority care about different things when it comes to arena. It shows how huge of a disconnect there is between arena players and general population. #1 was asking for the random cards rewarded to not be duplicated by our collection (okay sure, I wouldn't mind that. But top rated? This is what is at the forefront of players' minds when it comes to arena balance topics?) #2 was asking for a sealed deck format (jesus christ...) #3 was asking for 35 card deck, 5 sideboard (I've seen that suggestion here in arena section and it was downvoted to -10. And rightly so) Arena is about making the best out of what you got, as consistently as you can in the long run. That's the whole skillset in arena. With 35 card drafts, you might as well just play constructed. Autopilot all the way. These people just don't understand #4 was reasonable. asking for a plan to address widening p1 vs p2 advantage in arena. #5 was a joke, not a bad joke actually, moving on #6 asking for everyone to get 1 legendary 2 epic 7 rare rest common (fking christ. I don't even know how many threads there have been, complaining about opponent playing legendaries... everyone should get a legendary to make it fair... one idiot after another making these threads over the years... always downvoted to hell because it is pure retardation. No other way to describe it) And over there it's upvoted #6 highest comment. #7 rarity consideration (2nd reasonable comment among top 10 rated) #8 another comment about drafting 40 cards and using 30 to make the deck. For real? #9 asking for a quest that grants an arena ticket (3rd reasonable comment, might be over generous, not likely to be granted, but the idea itself is reasonable) #10 asking for some sort of arena season, progression, tracking, extra incentive etc (4th reasonable comment, not much to say about this really) Let's say Blizzard decides to listen. But it's impossible to listen to everyone, so they decide to take a melting pot of these top 10 comments. If that happens...Bnetplayer0 1d
1d make it so mages draft flamestrike ONCE! Nerf mage AOE drafts in Arena ffs. Nerfing them with few cards don't help them with AOE.. Too strong... Spellsplingers give them a chance to get an AOE, it's three times I've played against a mage with more than 2 flamestrikes.. One with 2x flamestrikes, 1x blizzard, another one with 2x flamestrikes with 1x twisting nether (spellslinger), and 3rd one with 2x flamestrike... Just make it so they pick flamestrike ONCE in the entire 30-card draft ffs!!!!! NOT TWO god**mnit!!!skyfell3 1d
3d Am I getting unlucky or did I hit my head, forget about it and unlearn how to play arena in the last 2 days? I used to be a 5 wins arena player, and I have a 12 run. I started like in the last 2 months to play arena (155 wins) as I have a bunch of gold and nothing to do with it. But ever since the patch, I got a 0-3, a 1-3 and I am currently 1-2, and I have NO IDEA what is happening! I mean, the 1-3 mage pick was awful, but 0-3 AND 1-3 back to back?! 0-3 paladin: 1-3 mage: (she has the fork) Current 1-2 mage: (win, started half way) I'll just sleep up today, too much salt :/Temporal10 3d
4d Current class tier list in the last update? I know that this is a common question, but with karazhan and the last update with that removed cards from the arena... I dont know what is now the "better" or "stronger" classGdeGatillo9 4d
4d My first 12 win arena game Years ago, went 11 wins with Priest but never EVER thought I'd do 12. What was crazy is that I went 11 wins straight with no losses! But then, faced the same mage and beat me not once, twice... 11 wins straight! 12 wins, first half of deck second half of deck cool rewards Heartharena tierscore 68.5; Mid-range Paladin.Corpfox2 4d
5d Servant of Yogg- Saron and removed cards How i am getting Astral communion from Servant of Yogg- Saron in the arena and i lost the game because of that. Isn't that card supposed to removed from the arena? blizzard pls fix your gameDemetris926 5d
5d Playing lower tier classes post-patch Is anyone else enjoying Arena more post-patch? I normally play one (sometimes two) runs a day and I just finished at 9 wins with Priest, took a Warlock to 8 yesterday, and got to 7 with Shaman on Friday having never gotten past 6 with any of those classes before. I'm really enjoying being able to pick classes other than Mage and think that I can still do well with classes that I like bettermonkylobster0 5d
6d Is discussing statistics forbidden? I created a topic about arena reward average, with math and global statistics to support it. It was pro-blizzard, debunking the ''unfairness' of rewards claimed by salty noobs. It was removed from forums 5 minutes after being posted. What forum rule did I broke?Simplo2 6d
6d Balance Changes A swing and a miss. Okay the classes that got buffed are more playable but the mage and rouge class are still just as powerful. The mage class is even more powerful. What? It's actually more likely to draft flamestrike and firelands portal thanks to the updates. Good job Blizzard, maybe some of your developers should actually play the game from time to time. Also sap is still an auto-win condition if the player plays if from ahead. Is sap the problem? No. The problem is that Arena is too tempo oriented and there are almost no common comeback cards ie board clears.TimeParadox1 6d
6d What will happen to my arena run after patch? I've started an arena run with mage before the patch started and haven't finished it yet, the deck has some of the cards that were taken out, I can't check it out atm (on my phone and I don't use the app) but what will happen to my arena run?Darksun201 6d
6d Hearth Arena needs to banned... There is an app that many of you know and many Twitch streamers use it's called Hearth Arena. It is an app that tells which cards to pick. I think it take away from the challenge and the uniqueness of the play mode. Drafting in Arena is very important and if you have a program that does it for you then you are cheating the system. I myself only average two or three wins myself and I don't use Hearth Arena. I still find it an enjoyable building a deck and seeing what happens. I know I am probably making mistakes in drafting but that's part of the experience of Arena. Every time I enter the Arena I learn something about each card that I draw and play. If you just using the app and picking whatever card Adwcta and Merps tells you then you will never be a 12 win player. The 12 win players know each card strengths and weaknesses by drafting and playing many games over a long period of time. I know people are passionate on both sides of Hearth Arena on whether it is cheating or not. The best way to get good at anything in life is by taking time to practice. Yes you will go 0-3 the first 8 runs in the arena until you realize you need to focus on making sure you aren't drafting too many 5 drops and not enough 2 drops.MightyOwl23 6d
6d Prince Malchezaar is too damn scary in arena! God! There I was playing Druid when I got matched against a Warrior... and suddenly... Bang! Malchezaar is doing his show... As I see the legendaries being added to his deck I can only think..."Shi..." After I calmed down I wondered "How do I win now? Gotta finish it, fast otherwise I'll be overhelmed..." *Looks at the cards in hand* "..." "How the heck am I supposed to finish it fast without a 2-drop?!" (I did have Mark of the WIld and Wrath, I also had a Piloted Shredder but those wouldn't cut it) "I'm first. Here goes nothing! ...Dragonkin Sorcerer..." "Am I really going to lose on turn 2...?" - As I wondered that it was once again my turn *Glances at the board* "Clear. He didn't drop anything... Haha, it's only turn 1 what the hell are you worried about?!" YES! YES! "Okay, now I'm in the game! Just drew Amani Berserker! Drop it, now!" - 'Kay, I might Wrath him next turn depending on the opponent ( Just to show how scaried I was of the Legendaries, lolz) "OMG! You didn't do it! Oh... You Really Did It! YES" - He had just Slammed my Amani! *Wonders* "He doesn't have a weapon and he might be holding onto a ping... But that's still 5 damage to his face!" "Nhm..." - The card I just drew was a Spider Tank. Should I use Mark of The Wrath on the powered Amani or drop Spider?? Well the game ends here! Thanks for reading! Haha The thing is I chose to gamble on the Spider. Turns out he didn't have a ping, nor a 3-drop, so he had to do with hero power. Needless to say that the Powered Amani + Mark of the Wild and Spider Tank would do a Hell lot of damage! The lesson is : Don't draft The Prince! While the idea of having 6 legendaries in an Arena run is tempting, it's long known the importance of a good mana curve over raw card value. It's not a gamble you want to make with your precious gold, specially if you can't go infinite. Well I might be a bit biased on that end. And my opponent did missplay. So if you guys have faced Malchezaar in Arena, could you please describe the experience and how the game went?Krownyh13 6d
6d Arena rewards I don't know if I am desperate or not, but I think that after an arena run, if there is a pack rewarded, we should be able to choose between different packs (Standard, Old gods, or grand tournament) . This way, people can depend on arena runs to build decks.rave0 6d
Sep 18 Why I think Arena is rigged. So I started playing when open beta came out and I had no idea what I was doing. So I unlocked every character and eventually opened Arena. SO I tried it out and was prompt with a message saying the first arena match is free blah blah blah. Okay so I play. Game 1 L Game 2 W Game 3 L Game 4 W Game 5 L Okay I guess this seems alright for first time and not knowing what 70% of the cards in this game do. NOW IM HOOKED! So I continue each day doing my quests and casual/rank play learning more and more each day. Even watched some youtube videos and tips etc. and every 150 coins I bought an Arena Entry. So since My first Arena Entry that was free I have purchased 7 more Arena Entries ALL 7 HAD 0 WINS . ALL OPPENENTS!!! I faced had epic cards and all but 3 matches an opponent had Legendary. Only 1 time durning all 8 total Arena did I have the option to have 1 epic. and haven't seen a legendary. My closest match ever was Warrior vs Warrior and after turn 6 My opponent had 6hp no minions. I had 30 hp and 3 minions and I lost. I understand bad beats are gonna happen but to have lost 21 straight matches across 7 arenas after my first free entry seems alittle ridiculous. So disappointed ;(Kryogenek91 Sep 18
Sep 18 Still Disappointed I used to have a ton of fun with arena. Even with the strength of removal-heavy classes. I've been playing since the beginning and had been holding on to the hope that Arena would have an alternate card-rarity system or Blizzard would introduce a more intuitive draft system. But alas, seeing a mage or a paladin yields nothing but a grimace as I tediously go through the motions with one of the underdogs, hoping I don't see a murloc knight or a series of seal of champions, a flamestrike board clear. I don't mind seeing the rogues on the top end of an arena run, as it's still a risky class to draft despite its power, and takes a higher level of competency. And even if Mage doesn't hold the highest winrate (it does) it's a demoralizing experience. I enjoy constructed, and I've always enjoyed this game as a whole, but Arena was where I used to have the most fun. But I just fail to see what this last patch was intended to do. Removing a few niche-power cards was the answer after 2 years? That's a shame.Unfortunate1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Got my worst 9 wins arena reward ever today Just finshed a 9 wins paladin run today and got the following rewards: 160g + 1 Stormforged Axe = 5 dust + 1 Golden Dust Devil = 50 dust + 1 GvG Pack: 1 rare, 4 rommons = 40 dust - 150g arena entry = 10g and 95 dust What is up with the regular common cards as arena rewards? They are basically a whole win slot that's just 5 dust. What are your worst arena rewards so far? How do you feel about regular common cards in reward slots? Cheerz, rtzuioprtzuiop18 Sep 18
Sep 18 Arena needs a standard format like ranked. It seems like as more card sets have been introduced, Arena quality has diminished. This is due to the wide variability in what cards are offed to us, as well Blizzard's self imposed 25% chance increase to draft a card from the new set (which favors the class that got OP class from the latest expansion quite a bit). Anyway it's getting very difficult to get consistent quality in arena. I took a break from Hearthstone for a while and came back to an 11 win Warrior run followed by a few average 4-5 win runs and even had a few 2 win runs and even a 0 win run today. It seems crazy, as I used to get much more consistent decks. Anyone else feel that way or is it just me?Diablo11 Sep 18
Sep 18 Is hunter the new mage? Haven't played arena in awhile. Got sick of having xx5 gold so I drafted a deck. First opponent is a hunter. First 10 cards of his deck he's got a cloaked huntress and 4 secrets. Is this normal now?kethel2 Sep 18
Sep 17 When did arena become so unhappy? Nobody seems to be having fun anymore. Players/streamers complaining about class imbalances, card imbalances, class distributions, bad luck, bad matchmaking, bad rewards, rigged RNG, bad design, etc etc etc. Sometimes the complaints make sense, other times they're basically retarded, but they all have one thing in common. They're all very unhappy. They end up spending their free time on something they don't even enjoy. I will never let that happen to meMegGriffin12 Sep 17
Sep 17 Arena new meta = super aggro? Hi guys, I have noticed increased difficulty in arena after the patch. Also seem to encounter skilled players with aggro type decks with cards oriented toward fast face damage but lower value. Also faced more hunters. Did you guys noticed that?UlysseFR1 Sep 17
Sep 17 What to pick? Hi guys! After the new Arena update I'm not sure what class should I pick. Can you tell me a tier list for all the clases please? Also here are my 3 choices: Sep 17
Sep 17 1st post-patch arena Drafted an ok Hunter deck, got Sylvanas, had nice curve, some AoE, some removal, some nice minions etc. Hopes were high. 0-2 vs Mage, flamestrike / blizzard / polymorph completely destroyed me. Won 3rd game with 1hp. Lost 4th game to another Mage. Fun stuff. Cya next patch xoxoShakeNBakeUK8 Sep 17
Sep 17 Upcoming Arena Changes: I thought a copy of this belonged on this forum for discussion: ...Pugastrius26 Sep 17
Sep 16 Still seeing removed cards Just played a Mage who had snowchugger and faceless summoner in the deck. I thought these were REMOVED in the patch?Battlefury7 Sep 16
Sep 16 This is why arena is broken. Mage turn 6: Faceless Mage turn 7: Firelands Mage turn 8: Firelands Mage turn 9: Kraken Mage turn 10: Faceless This is why mage is broken. The other eight classes can do only one of those. Until you remove Faceless and Firelands, mage will be the S-tier of classes. If you don't beat a mage within 7 turns, you pretty much have lost.Dragongem1 Sep 16
Sep 16 Arena Legendary deck I have played nearly 1000 arena games. Last 10 games I have playedo the opponent has always pulled 1-2 legendary cards. The last two games they have had 4-5 legendary cards. Am I missing something?VanAllan2 Sep 16
Sep 15 Occurrence Bonus Hello team, I keep on hearing this phrase come up, particularly in regards to Mage. What is occurrence bonus referring to and what specifically changed? Thanks for your insight.Knema0072 Sep 15