System Check, won't recognise gfx card

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I redownloaded new drivers from Nvidia but it still won't recognise my gfx card in the system check for beta signup

It just shows the integrated gfx card on the mobo

Any advice? Will this affect the likelihood of me receiving a beta key?
Is it a laptop with Nvidia optimus? If so you will have to turn it on before running the check
Yes it is a laptop but just a standard gtx560, I ran the nvidia experience and that did nothing

Not really sure what to do about it
Mine does the same thing.. I have an integrated card and also a GTX-780. The game never uses my 780 at all, it only uses my integrated card.

I can tell because I have a light that comes on when my GTX card is in use, it never does with this game.
same issue geforce gt630m 2GB here, system check sees only my intel HD4000 card :C

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