Top Ranked Hearthstone Players - Pre-Wipe

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Makes me sad :( I was 3 Star Master and was winning 9/10 games at that rank as well. I guess I just needed to play more than 500 games....QQ

I played a lot of these players too. A couple times I met the same person back to back 5 times. I won 3/5 :P Oh well. Cant complain, it was a fun experience. But I am very curious as to what I ranked! Any chances of expanding the list to, lets say...100?!? :P
Thanks for posting a list like this and Congrats to everyone!

I have to ask though why isn't there a public leader board where we ALL can watch people climb and fall and try our best to reach that top oursleves?

It's not that we don't believe your lists or anything, but it would just be really Exciting to see our own names on those lists, No matter how high or low we actually are!! And it would be so Exciting to know when we beat someone who happens to be high on that list :)!!

And while I'm asking I have to ask again why doesn't our heroes have At least personal counters for us to see how many wins and losses we have with each of them?
I think I was fighting that Murdock guy yesterday, he had an insane murloc rush deck that just owned me. :/
Makes me sad i didn't make it...
10/06/2013 11:13 PMPosted by Trump
Shocked I got 48th, as I very rarely played outside of arena.

I'm shocked you replied :o
oh cool I was #4. Didn't even notice this ever.
This is very cool to see. Next it would be great to have some profile pages for the players so we can see where they excelled =)
Oh. Just now noticed I was on rank 46, although I didn't play that much ranked. :o

...and naturally NEVER with OP Rogue.
I found that kripp guy watched him play a bit, you know since im not in beta, and he seems to win alot of his arenas but never seen him play ranked.
Ahahaha was playing unranked and encountered Blitz who was #24 playing his lock deck, which was full of rares/epics. Anywho, I beat him with a shaman deck I made 2 hours prior with normal cards lol. Game isn't quite pay to win ; ).
I wonder what the ranking would look like, if you drop Rogue players out of it.
Would be cool to see the classes used to most to obtain the rank..
Yeah. Would be great to see most played class (on ranked) next to those statistics.

Any chance we could get it?
damn you soul crusher. damn you!!!!!. i was 8 and zero..... and you top deck and charge guy with 1 life and 1 armor. damn you!!!!
Gg everyone! Got my beta key yesterday :D BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS! GG Everyone, gg! :D
Damnit I never got in I must have been in the 30's
I'd be on that list if i had a key :(
Will there be a ladder or rankings released anytime soon?
i love the game already and its just the Beta, it feels crisp and clean so far. I wanted to try the shop but for some reason keep getting a error code.

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