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I keep getting Failed to open a required file. Please check your internet connection and try again.
Error Codes: BLZPTS0000F, BLZAPPBTS0000F, BLZBNTBTS0000F i have followed the trouble shooting steps, it told me to deleate certain files i cannot find those files. I need the Windows 7 directions to those files please hopefully that will work if not i will be back

Close any Blizzard programs (Agent.exe, game launchers, and game installers)
Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the Task Manager.
Click the Processes tab.
Select running Blizzard programs and click End Process.
Try launching again. If the issue persists, delete the following files and folders and then try again after each. Be sure to show hidden files and folders first.
Click Start (Windows Key + Q in Windows 8) and select Computer.
Windows XP: Click Start and select My Computer.
Double-click C:, then ProgramData, then, then Agent.
Windows XP: Double-click C:, then Documents and Settings, then All Users, then Application Data, then, then Agent.
Delete agent.db and try launching again.
If the issue persists, go back one folder, delete the Agent folder and try launching again.
If the issue persists, go back one folder, delete the folder and try launching again.

C:\ProgramData is the correct path

u probably need to show hidden files, here's a tutorial:
thank so very much
thank updating agent now, crossing fingers it won't stall out and stop like first time.
I began the launcher/agent install, it stopped at about 66 %, I went to Blizz to come here to see what to do next, saw the new launcher beta agent install. As soon as I started installing that the hearthstone launcher/agent update completed and I am now down loading the game. Updating this info so incase anyone else has my problem. Also try installing the new beta game launcher. that fixed it all. ( fingers crossed)
Yeah had the same problem in Win7 and didn't realize ProgramData was hidden because I already had revealed hidden files (but not hidden folders).

Now it's installing properly.
wow thank you!
I've tried all of this and it still hangs at 66% at install. Really Blizz if you want me to play your new game, it really should be a lot easier than this. The mount isn't worth the hassle and I doubt the game is fun enough to be worth the effort either. I've spent 2 hours trying to get this stupid game to install.

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