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This is exactly what is happening to my friend except he has his account like full blown blocked with parental controls
12/24/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Sloth

I tried setting up the Parental Control until the point where I lost my temper:

1- Every time I create a parental control account, it gives out the error "Invalid E-mail address", the same e-mail I have for my account.
2- Tried Using a different e-mail didn't work.
3- Tried "Retrieve Parental Controls E-mail" that maybe I installed it and forgot, but said the e-mail isn't valid.
4- Tried going for contact support, kept sending me in a loop in where I create a parental control account and/or retrieve my parental controls.
5- Chat support / Ticket support / Phone support for the parental control help are all off :).

Blizzard, when you created this system, let alone this error/problem happening as well. Didn't you think of the idea of MAYBE allow people to be able to contact your support in-case any issue regarding parental control would happen?
I have the same problem. I'm pretty sure my account has never been under parental supervision.
Parental controls are stopping me from purchasing packs, but I have the parental controls set to allow that. Why would this happen? I did all allow 30 minutes as the Parental control page said to.
Hi, I tried to buy 7 packs with paypal and it said an interaction is busy but nothing happened so I thought: "Let's try it again but instead of typing in my paypal password, I'll type in my password". Because of that it failed and every time I try to buy packs with real money it says I can't because i have parental control.
Kinda weird since I don't have parental control activated on my account...

Any solution?

Thanks in regard
I have sent a report to Blizzard and no replies whatsoever after 24 hours.

What the hell, Blizz. Please do something, we're your paying customers...
I have never had parental controls set up and now i can't get rid of them and Blizzard refuses to respond. Really never had so much of an issue giving someone $50.
still doesnt work for me either..still get parental control message..had no problem buying packs couple weeks ago..
i never made a parental control account and cant even if i wanted to
I'm having the same error message but I've checked and parental controls are NOT online!! ._.
Total bull!@#$, I can only make ONE purchase per Internet connection

I connect at home, make first purchase, then it's the error
I connect with my mobile inet, same
I connect at uni, same
I connect at my friends place, same

So, something is messed up with how your client handles this. Fixing money transfers should be your top priority lol.
Indeed, only one purchase.

After entering the CVV-code it was immediatly authenticated and i got a legendary card and my purchase.

Now after entering the CVV-code the authentication box dissappears. After leaving the 'arena-tab' and reentering the box is there but is stuck on authenticating.

10 Minutes later when i close the game, restart, and open the arena-tab it just says my purchase has timed out..

Also using VISA.

EDIT: parental controls are disabled completely
I'm getting an other bug: PAYSAFECARD???
I'm a 37 year old woman, I can promise you nobody has ever set parental controls on my account. I also am getting an error saying I have them. I tried entering my email (ONLY email I've ever had) and it says no parental controls attached to that email. I try using my account name, and it says it sent an email.... no email arrives. What's going ON?
sick of this issue
alright this needs to get fixed and fixed soon, its obviously a known issue and nothing is being done about it.
Well ok, if you don't want my moneyz then fine.

Srsly guys, fix maybe? I'm not event mad, i'm just tired
I got the same thing with ur payment method. Every time I tried to purchase pack or arena ticket, I only got sentence " we were unable to process ur mobile purchase " . Do u guys have any ideas ? I m using iPad air. I play arcane legend, too and never got same thing with using cc to buy items or gold.
is anyone else here having a problem with receiving parental control emails? it keeps saying it sent it to my account but when i check nothing's there
I'm forget Security Question & Answer.

I need password or reset-password to my email.

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