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Will I be able to add friends in Hearthstone and chat with people?
Yes! The folks in your Battle.net friends list (both BattleTag and Real ID friends) are available for games or text-based conversation. Players will not be able to chat with anyone who is not on their friends list. However, players will be able to choose from a variety of emotes for basic communication during games.

How do you do a right click on a Mac?

I've tried shift click, shift+cmd click, ctrl+click, and alt+click.

Put me out of my misery and let me know how many chickens I need to sacrifice?
Try clicking with 2 fingers on the trackpad or the mouse instead of one... ^^
I've tried all variety of modifiers as well. Not sure if it's even turned on for the Mac platform. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
ctrl-click would give you a right click unless you changed it in the mouse or accessibility control panel. Same thing applies to windows.

I use a mouse with a right button, and have not been able to emote to players or message to Battle.Net friends. I am assuming it's a bug or a not-yet-implemented on mac thing.
The normal Control-Click just tries to take a normal left click action. I don't see anyway to remap the emotes hotkey or activate it without a mouse right now.

Works fine if I plug a mouse in though.
I can't even figure out where the emote option is... and I do use ctrl-click. :(
Currently you can't use Ctrl-click, Cmd-click, etc. to perform a right click in Hearthstone. Cmd-click works in World of Warcraft, so hopefully this will change in a future version.

If you have a trackpad, you can enable "Secondary Click" under Mac OS X's "System Preferences">>"Trackpad". Then you can do a two-finger click for a right click.

Older MacBook's don't support multi-touch, though. If the Secondary Click option doesn't work, then you'll have to use a mouse for now.
Modifier key did not work to select emotes but th two finger tap on trackpad did. Thanks for suggestion.
click at the right edge of your mac touch pad = right click of mouse
I have a Logitech mouse with 5 buttons. I normally have the right mouse button configured as click+command. I changed it just "right click" and now I can emote. Most new Macs come with a Magic Mouse and should be able to do a "right click".

For a long time I thought I couldn't do emotes on a Mac. I hope this helps.
Yeah - this is a problem with Unity. It doesn't know about/use any of your system input configuration. It's really easy for the devs to add basic features like ctrl-click = right-click, so I hope someone from Blizzard is listening.
10/07/2013 05:50 AMPosted by TiBone
Try clicking with 2 fingers on the trackpad or the mouse instead of one... ^^

This is the correct answer everyone, haha
I'll bump this thread.

I almost want to quit playing because I always feel rude being unable to answer other player's emotes.

I use a docking station, so no way to access the track pad.

Adding ctrl-click = right-click is trivial. C'mon guys, don't force me to be rude :/
It'd be great if they'd get on that then.

I can tell when I'm playing people they get ticked off when you don't emote for good sportsmanship/glitch reasons...
as long as two finger click is set as your "secondary click" in system preferences it should work as right click

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