Bug - Cursor unresponsive on second display

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I am playing on a 15" MBP w/ Retina display with both my laptop screen and an external display attached. My laptop screen is my primary screen.

WHen I start HS, it will start on my laptop screen and the game is responsive. If I move the game to my external display, it will still appear to be running fine, however mouse clicks are no longer responsive. If I drag the game back to my primary screen, mouse clicks will register again.
I can confirm this bug. I have a MBP 13" running OSX 10.8.4 and am experiencing the same behavior.
Happend as well on IMAC
Ahh I made a new topic before seeing this one. I am having the same issue, but it's not that my clicks are unresponsive, they're just not centered on the cursor. It seems what is being pointed at is about two inches below where the cursor is showing. Maybe you guys are having the same problem, except your cursors might be way off the screen or something.
Confirmed on a MacBook Air. I am trying to figure out why it happens sometimes but not others.

Also - when you move the gameboard to a secondary display and this happens - going in and out of full screen, and switching resolutions does not have any impact on the problem.

The mouse focus is still on the laptop screen and clicking on the right spot on the macbook screen will register the mouse clicks on the gameboard.

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