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I am playing on my Mac temporarily and switched from fullscreen mode to windowed at the lowest resolution (1024 x 768, I think) and has caused my clicks to be off center approximately 2 inches below where the cursor shows. This has caused me to be unable to click back on the resolution drop-down menu since trying to click the drop-down menu causes me to click outside of the game window.

EDIT: After further review, this happens only after I drag the game window to my secondary monitor. The buttons still work fine on the main monitor. Perhaps it's something on my end alone?
I am able to re-create this issue when playing in windowed mode during a match using 2 different monitors with slightly different resolutions.

If I move the window to my second monitor which has a slightly different resolution (primary 1920x1080 to a secondary 1920x1200) the cursor appears about 120 below where it actually is highlighting or clicking. So it appears the position of the mouse icon is not updating properly when moved to the second monitor. The resolution difference appears to be the culprit.
If I move the window back to the main monitor it is back to normal.

Hope this helps!
I have the same issue; Hearthstone starts on my secondary screen (connected to my MBP via a DVI to Thunderbolt adapter), and if I drag it over to the MBP's built-in screen, the cursor is wildly out of alignment; I have to click a couple inches above the button I want to have it work. The two screens are at very different resolutions.
Same issue. iMac 27" and 23" cinema display. When playing on the 23" and moving to the 27" as fullscreen, can't click on anything unless the mouse is two inches below where I want to click.
Is this still happening using Mavericks ?
Yes, just happened to me on Mavericks. Moved the window to a secondary screen with lower rez and had to move quite a bit above the button to click on it.
I can confirm this as well, right after launch, the mouse is seemingly offset from where I want to click. Quite annoying.

BTW, are you running more than one monitor?
Yes. +1 Please make the cursor smaller!
+1 - Having the same issue here. OS X 10.8.3 (haven't got around to updating to Mavericks yet).

More info for any devs:

Display 1 - External Dell Monitor - 1920 x 1080
Display 2 - Built in Macbook Pro Monitor - 1280 x 800

Hearthstone launches on Display 1, cursor position is fine.
Move Hearthstone in windowed mode to Display 2 and cursor is off by 200-300px (my guess would be 280 given the resolution differences)

Hopefully this is one that can be fixed simply as there doesn't seem to be any horizontal offset despite the resolution difference there.
Apparently, I've been playing Hearthstone in Mac. The resolution is 1024x720 and windowed. When I changed to this resolution, my cursor is keep blinking and showing my Mac cursor and Hearthstone cursor. Is there any solution for this to stop?
This issue is still apparent on OSX mavericks 10.9. Mouse registers in window mode is about 2 inches below where the cursor is shown. Im using Macbook pro 1440x900 and Asus 1920x1080. A fix for this issue would be very nice!
Someone fix this issue please, it still here
It's been like this since beta, they don't seem to care to much.
bump! fix cursor size please!!! also the performance isn't great on OSX, like it runs better on iPad :/
I experience this issue as well, however I will note that Hearthstone is NOT the only game that has this issue. Many games I have played on Steam exhibit this problem as well.

I think it boils down to the terrible environment that is OSX.

I'll stick to playing on my Windows machine.
Also have this issue, mouse cursor is offset when in window mode and moved to 2nd monitor. Latest 10.9.3 beta too, also please fix the god damn mouse cursor size, it can't be that hard. If you can make hearthstone run on an ipad, why the hell is this visual problem not fixed yet?!
Guy's blame Apple for their crappy OS, this is not a problem with Blizzard or Hearthstone, it's a problem in many games.

OSX == trash.
the cursor problem is a problem w. multiple screens and a question of the screen that bears the topdown menu bar in macos x as far as I can tell

the application also defaults the graphics so higher settings and resolutions become unavailable ... also involved

its a multiple monitors issue that resolves itself when playing on the alternate second monitor, but graphics options are lost on mine since the bug came up and i switched my default monitors to get playing again

its playable however ... but low graphics and minimum resolution

some recent patch, perhaps
Same issue here. I hope devs notice. It seems that changing the second monitor to the "primary" monitor is a workaround.
This is still happening. Just wanted to play on a Mac for the first time (I usually use Linux), and clicking is off center when in Windowed mode.


Found a workaround, if you resize the window manually it'll fix this issue. :)

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